Sunday, 26 August 2012

Open Diary: Introduction


Its been too months since I've posted anything, I feel so guilty...
But they way my life has been all over the place, I want it structured again before I start writing the  chronicles of my personal renaissance as a memoir.... However I shall give a preview lol

I have finished my Law degree.. *yay* But my graduation is not until late November, *bummer* so I want to wait till I wear my robe, when it is official before I tell you lovely people about it.

I have started a new Job... Its such a blessing that as soon as I finished University I got a Job in the field I want to go into... Its a temporary Job, I am grateful because it will provide me with the 'all important' experience that every employer wants. I will update you on this later...

I have finally reach emotional maturity, in regards to a lot of things and I have re-evaluate my worth and I feel so much happier and satisfied with myself and my life at this very moment. It is still in its early stage but I am hopeful that I am finally done with the confusion... I will elaborate later

In connection to the above, I have personally selected the people I think would be long term friends and the ones I am aware will not. Neither of such persons are aware of what categories they fall in my life but I know and I think it makes life much more easier for me. Everybody has their function and that makes everything so much better... I will talk about that later...

I am transitioning,  not going all natural, I cannot bear the thought, I love my relaxed hair, it is my personal choice, what I prefer, and I prefer my relaxed hair to my natural hair. I will talk about it, but I am going back to extensions.  After wearing my own hair for almost four years, I believe its about time... But we are going to take baby steps.. First with braids and then we shall see where the rest take us... I might be sporting some 24inch Peruvian by the end of year, that is if I get over the idea that, it makes people look the same... like too common. ???

I have a lot of new outfits ideas, so let see how it will work with my new hair styles... I am so nervous about that one.... as I believe that certain outfits only go with certain hair-styles... but we will try and be versatile 

I have a new car, not the ideal but it will do for transportation to and from work... After I sold my Citroen in May, I have had my up and downs with public transportation, mainly downs... but its far more cheaper than a car taking insurance prices in UK into consideration. But what can we do??? I cannot run for the bus in my 5inches anymore... :S

My biggest achievement so far is, I feel I am getting closer to God again. There has been one main obstacle between my relationship with God, and I believe that is not going to be a problem anymore. So I can stay virtuous and holy whiles I wait on the Lord.

It sunday morning, and I am going to get ready for church...
Have a nice day blogville, and 'I will be back' lol


Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. Congrats and welcome back NaNa :D

  2. blessings...
    beautiful pic. Congratulations on your law degree, and the job, it matters little that is temporary, just grab all the knowledge you can and make it count.

    Personal maturity/growth comes with time, introspection/reflection and putting into actions lessons learnt. As for friends well they come and go, few stay just be willing to let go of those that wish not be be held.

    As for the rest, take it all in stride, be flexible, know that change is the only constant and be true to self in all situations and circumstances.

    stay blessed
    all the best.

    1. Thank you... You always say the right words.x

  3. wow..........a lot has been happening. good to have you back.
    goodluck with the hair, cant wait to see you rocking the
    congrats on your job. how is life on the fast lane? take care dear

    1. lool life in that lane is blinding.. hard to take things slow.. but i must enjoy it so i am going to x

  4. Congratulations on finishing your law degree, getting closer to God and your new car. Now hurry back with a complete post. Don't leave us hanging with piece meals gists please :)

    1. lool thanks Toin, and I promise not to.x

  5. ti aspetto sul mio blog!C'è un post che acetta consigli..


  6. Wooh! Congrats on getting a job in your field, sweetie! I would love to hear more about your transitioning hair...Are you going to wear your hair in braids for a while and then do a big chop?


    1. LOL, I am not gonna go natural, I dont think its for me. :D...
      But I am going to wear braid and weave now... so its not going to be just my hair


    2. Ahhh, I see! Well either way, it's exciting to try new things with your hair :) Can't wait for those pics!



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