Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Open Diary: Lets Give This A Try

Hey everyone,

I am very sorry for being MIA for sooo long. The past year has been the busiest I have ever been exposed to on my short 22 years on this planet called earth.

In the last year, I have, by the grace, managed to complete a degree in LLB with a first class honours, secured a Job in my chosen field, I count myself blessed beyond the curse. All this required dedication and commitment and unfortunately Diary of A shallow Black girl had to suffer neglect, I am not proud of that.

Now it seems like things are falling slightly into place, and this version of blogger on phone has received the slightly more enthusiastic reviews so far so I thought hey let's give this ago. My typing skills on touch screen is not the best perhaps this will allow me keep you people up to date with the whirlwinds of my life.

I am not settled yet, I am still exploring , I have no idea where I will end up in the next year, but now I have no problem with letting go and letting my imagination take me, I am hoping for lots and lots of surprises and new things.

Lets give this a try...

Btw I am on Keek, I find it is more personal and realistic for me to use that rather than YouTube, follow me, check me out. It a stupidly fun experience.


 Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Open Diary: At 23

Twenty three and I have accepted what I have known since the age is seventeen. I am now at a stage where it is entirely important for me to focus on my personal growth, my spiritual growth. Focusing on fulfilling the desires of another individual is not part of that plan.

Regardless of what anybody feel, think or is even brave to say, it's time to be selfish! 
Selfish to build my dreams, to lay the foundation for the life I want...
To put me in a place where I can contribute, and be a partner and not a burden.
To set an example for the ones who will look up to me. 

All with the help of the one above of course, it's the time to discover the true essence of what happiness means to me! As such some "traditional" things have to take a back seat! #food4thought 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Open Diary: I am Style

'Give  a girl the right shoes, and she will conquer the world' - Marilyn Monroe could not have said it better. Known for the sexual confidence she radiated through the minnie, figure hugging, high slits deep plunging and low cut neckline dresses. She was someone who was not afraid to wear what she likes when she wanted, most of time without a bra, now that is what I call brave. 

I respect that, I feel like fashion is about expressing one self, regardless of how odd and different it might be. There have been a lot of really weird things in the last couple of years, i.e Lady Gaga's meat dress for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?? but who I'm I to judge!

In my own words, fashion is what you make it to be, style what you want it to be, trend is what you set. What's in is what you bring, what's out is what you've leave. I do not believe in being trend follower, I have always been told to be a leader. It is nice to have the latest things in fashion but its not a necessity if you can't afford it. 

I can afford to get the newest Giuseppe Zannoti Shoes and rings, but that is not where my priority sits. I make use of what I have, its not about the label for me but about how it is worn. It is nice when you wear the simplest thing that you consider nothing of, and then others adore it. 

Best example is this year's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, pictures below. There were sexy elegance worn by the likes of Ashanti and Chanel Iman, cute pretty by Ariana Grande (she is so adorable). I like Ciara's Givenchy dress, its haute Couture. I think Selena Gomez looked amaze-balls! She has grown into such a stunning young lady, I love her. 

Then we have the likes of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, who I am refraining to comment because, there is really not much you could say? But what is wrong with Miley, btw why was she grabbing up Robin Thicke??? Paula? 
So just be yourself wear what inspires you. And let others follow you.


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Open Diary: Holiday In My Abode

It is rather unfortunate that though I intended to spend my holidays abroad this year, due to the my parents rather erratic schedules, I have succumbed to all the indecisive nature of my friends and family and their in ability to agree on a holiday destination. As a results I am stuck in London this year, just like the previous. As you can imagine, I am not very please with that, however due my recently embracing the saying that, 'time waits for no man' as such I have been trying my very best to make this rather a pleasant holiday.

I do appreciate that some people choose London as their holiday destination, and I can understand why, but me staying here in my own house defeats the purpose of a holiday? Traveling abroad is usually to try new things, eat new food, listen to new music, sleep in a new different bed, *since you don't know how many bodies have been in that bed.* But most of all, is leaving all the hectic, undesirable stress in your home land and uplifting your mood to appreciate your new surroundings. Now if you find yourself somewhere in a beach with white sand and turquoise water, I believe it will be easier to enjoy your surroundings.

Since I have not been granted the luxurious of such a vacation, I have made it a mission to try and enjoy London as tourist. Now London is quite expensive, the value of the Pound is not a joke but I am going to put myself in the shoes of a tourist, preferably a comfortable one. And enjoy London with a fresh, naive and animated enthusiasm and see what happens.

So far so good, I loose myself in film, I love the cinema, so that has been my number one form of entertainment. I recently went to the beach with some friends and family, It was more like a harbour with no sand but we made it work.

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays, do link below if you decide to post about it, I would love to know what you did and get some ideas for my future adventures. 


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Open Diary: The next step

Let me just say that it is so amazing going to bed knowing that I do not have to wake up early tomorrow. I think it helps me sleep better.

I have decided to go back to law school this September, it took a lot of debating but I have finally gotten my head around it. It's quite amazing how lazy one can get, only being out of the education system for the first time since I entered, I feel so relax and nothing seem to bother me. 

I was and still I'm one of the lucky ones. I got into a job in my field as soon as I got out of university, now that is a blessing. However I am not close to finishing, I want to take this all the way so I must continue. 

I have now until September to relax and get back into study mode. No more working for me, I think I may go Ghana for a month in July- August, or somewhere else, anywhere but London!🙈

See what God has done!! I am very content with my life right now. But I aspire for more, much more!

I have realised that I change my hair whenever I make a life changing decision, recent change 01.06.13

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