Monday, 5 March 2012

Open Diary: Without Music....

All my friends don't understand why I listen to "heartbreak songs", "depressing music" "sad songs" *they call it*. But I think those are the best kind of music...
I try listen to as much Gospel as I can. 

But I also love slow jam, I have always loved them, and for some reason, most of them are about broken hearts. There is something amazing about the way peoples, creativity flow, during periods whereby they are hurt. And Its very inspirational.  The way a writer is able to convey the deepest emotions is words. The way a singer can express pain and heartbreak through their vocals or a musician can  capture your mind with an instrument. An artist can illustrate things you would never imagine and make you fall in love with them. An Actor will play a role, that seems so real, you forget it was written...

I just love it when people express pain, it sounds crazy but.. I enjoy it, not their pain lol, but the way the express so beautifully. That is why I love Adele, all her song like most of them are about heartbreak, failed relationship, and that is not positive. But to me, her songs shows she determination to not be held back. I love her Albums, have always been in love with them. But not I am absolutely adoring 'turning labels', I just went back to that particular song recently, it came on, on one of my playlist and I had to put it on repeat.

These are some of the artists I have been loving. One of my very good friend Randolph, he has such a great taste music, and I always steal his discoveries. If you love soothing sounds, these are the people you need to be listening to. I love them, but if you are quite an emotional person, you may cry, but just try them.


Justin Nozuka - Holly ('Therapy man', 'Golden train', is like the best song)
Justin Nozuka - You I Wind Land And Sea ('soulless man', 'Heartless', 'Love', 'My heart is yours', i totally loved them)
James Morrison - Songs For You, Truths For Me
Adele - 19
Adele - 21
Chrisette Michele - Epiphany
Jamie Woon - Mirror-writing 
Maxwell - Blacksummers Night (that just does not get old)
J-Cole - Cole World The Sideline Story (this is an alien within this list... but I have the hugest crush on him lol)

Wale ft. Miguel - Lotus Flower Bomb (Miguels vocals in this tune... awesome!!!!)
Beyonce - Countdown
Tank - I can't make you love me
Bluey Robinson - Coming Back (he is so totally cute and he can sing!!!, saw him perform twice live, and he was awesome)
Frank Ocean - Thinking About you
Bruno Mars - It Will Rain (I have been in love with this song since i heard it, and I love the video)


The List goes on and on and on.. But I think I will just stop here, just go on youtube and listen to them, I promise you will love them, if you don't then.. *sad face*

But guys let me know, who you are listening to at the moment.
What songs you love, and what artists are awesome.... :)


Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl 


  1. When it comes to music, i go with my mood. I'm basically a music junk so i do all sorts. I'm a huge fan of the 90's and i think r&b is almost dead which breaks my heart. Adele is amazing. Like i told a frnd, i culd kiss the guy who broke her hrt then step on him with heels#evil
    Band Perry's "If i die young" (which was my ringtone for a while till it freaked my mom out)
    James Morrison's 'if u don't wana love me'
    Brandi Carlile's The story, Chris Medina's "what are words", Melanie Fiona's "it kills me", Jason Mraz is amazing too. Gavin DeGaw's "I'm in love with a girl"
    Michael Buble's "Crazy Love", Matchbox 20's "unwell"( i know i'm crazy), Sara Bareilles' "King of anything" and "Love Song". Will Young's "who am i to tell you"...the list is endless

    1. loool at you could kiss him and then step on him. ahahaha me too
      without him we would not have these beautiful songs x

  2. hey there, been a while tho. Just nominated you for vethe versatile blogger award. for more info, visit

  3. ***Just nominated you for the versatile blogger award. for more info, visit

  4. sorry again *

  5. I'll have to say ... I personally think Musiq Soulchild is one artist that is on repeat for my iPhone 4s ... like his recent album is just ... GREAT !!!!

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  6. Love your taste in music!


  7. wow! dear i love your post....nice choice of music :)

    Pls follow my blog ok....i have just followed yours **wink**

  8. hmmmmmm......
    i guess its all open to interpretation isn't it.
    Hope you are well. Just stopped in to say i have an award for you, please stop by and pick it up. The blog is dated March 8, 2012.

    have a fab one

  9. You have great taste in music, Justin Nozuka is definitely one of my absolute favorite artist of all time, as are James Morrison and (randomly), J Cole as well! Finally someone on the same page :)

    1. lol we could easily hang out lol x


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