Thursday, 9 February 2012

Open Diary: Make Up Tips

I wanted to do a vlog, for this post, but it still make me cringe so I will just type away.
Hopefully my words will be descriptive enough to get my point across.

Its fun to play y with make up, and achieve a 'different' end result than you usually look...(heck I do it too) 
But try and take these in account.

1.    Please don't buy foundations which are too lighter than your skin tone, or too dark. Try and get to know your skin, what undertone you have.
It really saddens me to see people look so odd, like the conflict between the shades are always obvious, so try and it keep it as close to your skin colour as possible.

2.      You don't need to buy a concealer and draw around your eyebrows to make it stand out. To be honest, most of the time, people who lack experience don't do it well. And they walk around with a surprise look and a halo around the eyebrow. There are lots of videos on youtube, just google it properly, and also one thing that might suit someone else, doesn't necessarily means it will suit you. Discover what works for you.

3.      Try and let the make up enhance your looks not change it, unless you are going for a certain theme for an outfit. then you are permitted to go all in out.

4.     If you decide to rock bold lips, please keep the rest of your face as natural as possible. The average person will not appreciate your effort.

5.   Fake lashes should just elongate you natural lashes... not make your eyelashes look like a some dyed cob-web... for those individual lashes... don't use the whole pack,  its not flattering... is scary looking especially after a while. I personally prefer, strip lashes.

6.    Do not over contour, highlighting your nose, contouring your cheek bone, blusher, bronzer, on your forehead. You are not a living mannequin. and sometimes the look works for certain type of outfits, if you can blend it well. However for everyday look, I'm sure you look perfectly fine with a simple foundation and a light blusher.

7.   Talking about blusher, not all colours work for every skin tone. Try and ask the sales person for assistant, that is what they are there for, if you believe they are talking rubbish, try another shop. Once you get a correct tone or tones, you can find similar shades in the more affordable beauty shops if you don't want to keep spending £14.00 - £20.00 on blushers (like me). 
And also please don't but too much on, try and learn where on your face to apply it. (smile and sweep a little bit on the apples of your cheek)

8.     Again just like contouring your face, unless you a comfortable in blending well.. Please stay away from trying to use more than two colours on your lids. It looks wrong. You do not need the whole mac brush set to blend well. I started by using my fingers. Try the ELF-cosmetic studio brushes. It a great alternative to those expensive brushes.

9.     Everybody can wear red lips, but not everybody wears it right. Please moisturise your pout before putting on a bold colour. Cracked, pealing lips are crusty... 

10.    If you have bad skin, too much make-up does not help it, in order for make-up to look flawless, it needs to be on a clean canvas (your face) try and treat your skin and stop pilling on foundation. You are just making it worst. 

but still whatever floats your boat, right?
These are my opinions, hope nobody takes offence. If you have any questions put them below the post..
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Also if you have anything to add, any comment. please do so...

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. Some good tips there. My pet peeve is seeing people with the wrong shade of foundation ~shudders~ xx

  2. Agree, there is some really good tips ;)

  3. Wonderful tips. I have a friend who's skin tone is very very dark and uses ridiculous blush which makes her look like a clown. She also wears her eye shadow wrong. I've tried to correct her a few times but i might just send her this link.

  4. Agree with pretty much all of them ESPECIALLY no 10!!!! Sometimes makeup just emphasizes issues!!

  5. You are absolutely right with your tips excepting point 4. I sometimes wear both a bold eye make-up and bold lips. You just need to figure out which colors looks nice together and which don't.

    thanks for your comment!! :-)

    1. you are right if you wear it right, but i have seen too many people who have taken this colour blocking to a whole new level x

  6. So no make-up tips for guys:(

    1. lol sorry :) but i would say, just stay away from make-up :)

  7. Very good tips! Thanks for sharing :)


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