Saturday, 9 July 2011

Open Diary- Summer Holidays in Ghana 1

Congratulations to all those who won my giveaway. For the ones who responded to my emails, I have posted the gifts and you should receive it soon. Yay For the rest, you need to respond to the email in order to receive the giveaway.
I am in Ghana!!!! Again! I came back on the 25th of January 2011 and I’m back here again. This time for two months, so if you did not respond, you need to wait till I get back.

I have high hopes for this time in Ghana; it is going to be so fun. So many people have travelled there this year, from Netherlands and also here in London, I will be linking up with a lot of them. I don’t think I will have time to do a lot of blog stalking but I will try to some open diary posts. There should be a lot of things to “goo” and “gaa” about. I should also have a lot of things to moan about.

Before I go, I just want to ask this, I don’t know if it’s just me or the flights I take, But there is no hot stuff on my plane. Its blimey annoying, no eye-candy during the whole 6hour and 50minutes flight. You see the odd alright looking, but then there is a disadvantage with the height, the way they talk, a bit too in touch with their feminine side. I spoke a bit too soon, as I am sitting in the waiting lounge to get another plane from Accra to Kumasi, this “hubba hubba” “obroni/oyibo”=(White man) just walked in. His dress sense is too laid back, but “hubba hubba”.
Anyways, My mum thinks I need to socialize, so I am going to have a random conversation with my little brothers. Probably will end up reading my Cosmopolitan magazine.

Have a great holiday bubbas, I will try to stay in touch!

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. Have a great time over there
    I am soooo jealous :(

  2. Enjoy your time in Ghana, hun! I know you're probably going to be busy but update as much as you can so I can pretend I went on a vacation too lol.

  3. have fun on your holiday :)have fun on your holiday :)

  4. have fun in Ghana! and don't worry it's not just you. Whenever I travel by plane, I NEVER see any eye-candy haha.

    xo//Andrea Marie

  5. Hey! saw your comment on my blog.
    I'm glad you liked my feedback. What do you think about my blog? Do you like it? I'm ffg yours now, will love to get one back. It'll be so nice to know you liked mine too. Don't worry just leave us the "goos" and the "gaas" cos I'll be stalking you for them :)
    Enjoy your stay xx

  6. Lol at the no hot stuff!! Have fun in Ghana :D

    PS Had to change my url. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Adiya (formally the corner shop- had to change my url X_x)

  7. Happy holidays doll
    I guess i missed your giveaway but next time i will sure participate.

  8. lol... HAve a nice time in Ghana girl!! :)

  9. is a real pleasure to visit your blog, I is considered offensive by a few, as the visitors have now passed the 850,000 to be something right?
    a hug from Reus Catalonia

  10. Oh how I love your blog ... very beautiful! I'm following him

    You already know my menswear blog here in Brazil!?
    I wanted to invite you to visit, and if you like, follow me on google and enjoy my friends page on facebook!

    a big hug!

    - Yago Richelly

  11. hope you have a great time and enjoy it!

  12. Love your blog! Have a wonderful time in Ghana! so jealous

  13. First time commenting on your blog. Have a great time in Ghana. I wish I could be in Nigeria right now...

  14. such a nice post & blog!
    I like it :)
    you can find me at

    & now on facebook!

    hope to see you there!


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