Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Very Naughty Girl...

I am always on some sort of diet, some of them last for two days, sometimes I can even do 2weeks. I always try my best to exercise a lot, which lately has proven to be a enormous challenge but I am certainly pushing through. 
Today all my morals and believes regarding food went out of the window. I had a burger with cheese, grilled onions and bacon in it plus a whole lot of mayonnaise. I had fries/chips with honey mustard dip.
I had a chocolate milkshake, and then to wrap it all up, I pushed down this beautiful Passion Mango cheesecake with ice cream and raspberry sauce. 

really the best cheesecake ever and its from Outback Steak House

Now I can't wait till the morning so I can reunite with the treadmill, I have got to burn these calories off. By the way, when did I become so obsessed with food anyways??
I usually either ate a lot or did not eat at all, but now is like I eat once a day (because i don't have time) and days that I do eat a lot, its always high calories food. I need to find a balance, any suggestions? (FYI -- I know you want some cheesecake now-- lol)


  1. uummmm so yummmy its 9:00 but i really want that now lol awesomeblog thoe x

  2. yummy yummy yummy i´ve got love in my tummy !
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  3. yummy! it looks delicious, really <3
    thanks for your comment :)

    XX I.

  4. now following follow back x

  5. So you shouldn't critisize me for being a bit on the chubby size, I'm only human and body perfection isn't achievable for all

  6. it looks so yummy! I'm the same with trying to eat healthily, its always a fail

  7. I LOVE cheesecakes, all of them! Great post and blog too
    Now I'm following you :D
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    xoxo Kiki

  8. YUM!!!

  9. my dear enjoy yourself once in a while,
    but that stuff is just so appetizing, yummie

  10. SV: No I was just at Polhem PR's showroom. The H&M event was in Oslo Norway.

    The cake looked sooo good :)

  11. SV:lool :P that happends. Yh I live in Oslo, Norway :)

  12. I see we are on the same page; I'm talking about posts :))
    I work so hard on the way I look and I'm so tired...

  13. oh my goodness that cheesecake looks soooo delicious(: and as far as dietss -- welllll the key for me is to exercise as much as i can (without over-doing it) and of course when it comes to eating;; lose the temptations by not having fatty food around me, shop for healthy food and snacks i know i like! and when i do go out -- one indulgence is good -- because well come on we only live once(:

    lovely fun post(:


  14. That cake looks very dlicious! I'm hungry now!

    Following you now!

  15. Wow! I am seriously hungry after seeing that! I too need to find a balance, carry small pots of fruit with you, that way you are eating more throughout the day rather than just one meal.

    I would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think!

    Sparks and Fireworks


  16. I am loving this cheesecake - yummy ♥
    Brilliant blog you have here, I will follow you - I hope you follow me too!!
    Happy monday
    A xx

  17. Yummy I want a slice now...Love ur blog♥ Its super cute..

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  18. Hummm miam miam
    Your blog is delicious :)


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