Monday, 21 March 2011

If Dreams Could Come True

On this bright Sunday afternoon while baking cupcakes I was listening to Choice Fm( a popular urban radio station in London) and George Kay mentioned the possibility of B2K reforming. Now I know many people might not know or remember them, well you should they were a phenomenon, causing pandemonium where ever they went.
(J-boog, Raz B, Omarion and Lil' Fizz)

I can remember the day I first laid my eyes upon them, it was my cousins birthday and were setting up for the sleep over Uh Huh came on and I was in awe. From then on I was in infatuated, unable to contain my excitement went played on MTV, I spent most of my pocket money on Word Up magazine so I could plastered my wall with posters and my mind with B2K's star signs, favourite foods and colours. I know its slightly obsessive but i'm not ashamed lol.

Even though the group have disbanded partly due to 3 of the members leaving their management however Omarion felt that J-boog, Raz B and Lil Fizz wanting to pursue solo careers, Omarion has had the most success as a solo artist with songs "O" and "Icebox", but i never anticipated that B2K would come to an end and i still love B2K


  1. OMG! The Uh Huh vid still makes me grin from ear to ear! The Pandemonium album was rinsed OUT in my house!

  2. Lol girl i was in love w/ them too! Remember the movie they all did called You Got Served? I LOVED that movie! Lil Fizz was my Boo!

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  3. loooool teesha this post put a smile on my face]
    i recently divorced ovarian
    still not over the pain yet
    but i might go back

  4. Ahaha, lovely remember!! ^^ Funny post! ^^ Thanks so much for your comment in my blog darling, follow each other ??
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  5. you see the grin on my face watching this....
    I WAS A B2K MANIAC lmao


  6. hahahaha guilty.... I was oneof those emabarresing fans who knew the words and dance moves, shame!
    Lydz xX

  7. yeah love them too esp Omarion cuties


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