Monday, 2 July 2012

Beauty Diary: My Hair

You guys may be aware of my hair journey, I departed from weave in december 2009 and I have not gone back since. Its been tough, especially with outburst of the brazilian hair, the ombre effect, that pretty Kelly Rowland curls, the waves, the Kim Kardashian inspired hair styles. Even people who went through transition form relax to natural. I have been brave and loyal to my crop look which has seen many different styles of its own, shapes, layers to shaving in the last three years.

Now I keep my hair in a classic bob. But I am getting tired of it. Any suggestions?
Which style should I revisit. Let me know please



  1. i wish i had the liver to do this to my hair.Your's has been a beautiful journey though. Your hair is so full and bouncy. ilove it. I need help with mine. What do you do/use to keep the fullness?

    1. lool my you just have to close ur eyes and let them do it.
      I use the Affirm Relaxer
      and then I used the Kera Care Hydrating shampoo for a deep clean
      and I use Namaste conditioner with it ..
      but for every week wash I use, The Organice Root Stimulator Olive Oil Aloe Shampoo and Organice Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner ....

      and moisturisin I use the creme dress conditioner by keracare, and do grow leave in conditioner :D

  2. your hair is very manageable.............i like it.
    i love the first style

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  4. I really like your hairstyles! My favourit one is the one on the with the shorts hairs and the undercut! I think it suits you perfectly!!

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  5. oh wow! how many changes. cool :)
    I love the first style :)

  6. oh my! ur hair is amazing... i loved almost every style xcept for one. the bob is nice tho and the first one is d best. kiss kiss

  7. how many changes, but the most I like your hair for today :) bob is good for you and you look awesome :)

  8. first time on your blog and i'm already loving it. i love the bob on you..soo nice.

  9. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
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  10. Love your hair style! I think it;s time for my hair to change LOL :)


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