Thursday, 24 November 2011

Film Review: Breaking Dawn part.1

I am still m.i.a but I had to let you all know, I am fine, surviving, not drowning, swimming in the deep end, you know, the part of the pool your mum always say don't go there. YUP!
Law is hectic and demanding.. *then again I knew this before I picked the degree so I guess it is nothing new*

Any ways, Twilight was premiered a week ago in the UK, as a DIE HARD FAN! I had to go see it.
It was amazing. Bill Condon, is amazing, I love the way he directed this movie. Its so much like the book, I couldn't have imagined it any better.

If you are not a twilight fan, shoot yourself. Seriously. Okay... don't do it I was just joking. But what is wrong with you? how can you not love it. (hopefully I am not stepping on any toes here) lol

I am not going to even review it, because it is that amazing. And a true fan would have already read the book, thus knowing what would happened.
Regardless... go watch the film

By The Way... team fully pledge JACOB now.

Still love Edward, but I have finally taken my stand.

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  1. im in love with everything twilight - i can't believe i went to the movies to see breaking dawb and i have to wait another year to see part II damm it. Have an amazing day =)

    -Mia xoxo

  2. I have always been Team Jacob. Can't wait to see the movie myself. The trailer is good, btw.

  3. Oh, I def wuld see it. Finally #teamjacob?? Wat took u dat long gurl?! He is soo yummy. he's such a juvie but soo worth going to jail for #cougarmuch

  4. Yay! For twilight fans all around the world!
    I got to see it on the 15th and loved every second of it! I love that it stayed true to the book, and the directing was even better this time.

    Oh and #Team Edward all day every day!


  5. yes i def cant wait to see this movie!!!

  6. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  7. Not a fan, just ducking in to see how you do. Glad to read alls well.


  8. 'Twilight' might as well become a series...oh wait...there's already 'Tru Blood'! Similar aint they?

  9. haha just love the way you write :P
    i love twilight!!! hmm still team Edward though :P
    i though the movie was awesome. I like a lil fight though, new moon remain the best for me so far :)

  10. I saw the twilight movie I think two weeks ago and I think it was fantastic :D Glad you liked it too :D

  11. I'm team jacob because that boy is super sexy! But other than that, I don't really care too much about Twilight lol.

  12. The title of your blog...TO DIE FOR! Ha ..GO GIRL GO!

    I'm gunna be following you girl, you best do the same ;-)

    keep in touch!




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