Monday, 13 February 2012

Grammys 2012: My Best Dressed

To be honest, I was really looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga on the red carpet. I was a bit sad when I heard she decided not, we has Sasha entertain us, but I was not impressed! regardless this is a post about my top 5 best dressed. I had to really condense this, I loved Taylor Swift dress by Zuhair Murad, I totally adored Corrine Bailey and to my own surprise, I liked Paris Hilton.
But my favourite five are as follows.
These are not in any particular order...

I totally love Rihanna in this Armani dress... she wanted to go for, "simple" yet "sexy" and "gangster" look, must say she achieved it. The dress absolutely stunning.

Kelly Rowland... I just cannot get enough of her... I loved her on the Xfactor, her sense of style is flawless. Her amazing lean muscled body looks forever good in this Alberta Ferretti gown.

Kelly Osbourne has come along way from her rebel days. She looks absolutely gorgeous in this dress by Tony Ward. I love the whole barbie look, with the pink/purple[ish]/blonde hair. She looks stunning. 

Adele is timeless, this figure hugging black dress looks stunning on her curvaceous body. Her golden locks compliments her appearance, portraying the classic Hollywood look. It really beautiful, and I must say she deserved all those awards.

Carrie Underwood really did it for me, She look effortless in this backless long sleeve dress by Gomez Garcia. Her makeup was kept simple but glamourous. If I dared to say, she would be my best dressed. Love her dress.

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  1. gorgeous!!

  2. Kelly Osbourne and Adele so pretty!

  3. thx for your comment on my blog..

    I hope you like my blog and maybe you gonna be my next follower..If you want :)

    Nice pics...I am not a big fan of Kelly O. but I love her dress at the grammys..

    Wish you a nice Valentins Day:)

  4. Loved Rihanna's dress and Carrie Underwood looked fab as always! xx

  5. thx for follwing my blog...I am very happy about that :)

    Wish you a nice evening

  6. Rihanna and Kelly are amazing !!
    I Love everything : the dress , the make up , the hair color , that's perfect !!

  7. Carrie Underwood and Rhianna are my favorites! Those dresses are gorgeous!

  8. They all looked amazing but Rihanna's hair has to go. Thanks for stopping by love.. Until next post

  9. FABULISTA, I love your blog and I love your style! I also would absolutely love to have someone of your expertise as a follower of the Style~ Spotlighted! Of course, I will gladly and quickly return the favor. I sincerely hope to see you soon so we can connect and collab ;)

    Meanwhile, Stay FABulous!

  10. Rihanna did look quite beautiful.

  11. Blessings.....
    Hope you are well and enjoying life.

    i have to say of all the dresses you showed I like Kelly R. the best, it covered everything yet it was sleek and sexy.

  12. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me!
    Great collection!
    New post on my blog, check it out!
    Hope to hear again from you!

    Hope you're having a great evening!

    My cooking blog, support me:

    xoxo Kiki

  13. I absolutely love your picks! Especially Rihanna in that dress...which I feel like you have to have an amazing body to pull off lol. I think Kelly Osbourne's hair is to die for as well :)

  14. I love Rihanna dress!

  15. great selection.. they simply all look fabulous!! i love ihanna and carrie underwood dresses..


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