Saturday, 12 March 2011

Its a Crisis....

I have mooting on monday, for the none law student, it is a staged court appeal where we have to be either the appellant or respondent and argue your case in court. The problem is I am no where near where I would like to be,and that is not worrying me, what I am stressing about is my outfit. We have to look like proper lawyers, that in my understanding mean, fitted dress and amazing stilettos. My worry right now is that, I got the dress (and yes surprisingly its not new.. i bought it some months ago whiles shopping with my mother but never had the chance to wear it until now) but all my shoes are too sexy to be lawyer shoes therefore I need a new one. The main point of my agony is that, I made a promise, for forty days not buy anything new for the sake of buying unless its important. So now, I am stuck between the two, what should I do. But would you not say shoes to match a dress is urgently important. Someone help me, if I buy the new shoe, do I break my Lent or whatever its called??

i absolutely love this dress


  1. If it's out of necessity, then I don't think so. Otherwise it'd be best to wait. Since you're gonna have to get a pair for mooting (I'm not sure of the underlying circumstances)... My initial reaction would be to get those shoes. x

  2. I admit it is...... T_T I did tell you I'd give up sequencing and drumming — that's something I'd naturally do. And now I'm exercising restraint. Not easy. Definitely not easy. I have a month and a half ahead of me. I suppose the best way to go about it would be to take every day as it comes practising self-denial. If we need something, then we do it.

    Speaking of need, I must be off for mass... xx

  3. tjaaa
    if you have too, why not?

  4. and btw,
    I agree, Ken looks cute :)

  5. I say go for it, it's an education expense. If you truly can't find any shoes that would be perfect for the courtroom then go for it.

    New Follower ~ I love the blog!

  6. i think i will rape my mums closet first because i want to be fully committed to this


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