Monday, 14 March 2011

Crisis Over... :D

Today was my mooting, the practice appeal trail I mentioned in a previous post ( Its a crisis). My first thought this morning was I have no shoes to wear. That is very ironic because I was not panicing about the fact that I did not feel fully prepared to deliever my argument, but there I was panicking about the shoes I was going to wear.

The day unfolded quite stressfully, I was late. Usually that is Zateesha, whenever we are meeting up she is late (lol-she will kill me for this) but serious this is girl is always late. Before I drift off from the subject of this post, I was late because my car decided to break down on me. With a bit of luck and a silent prayer, I got the bum to move again.

Because I could not  find shoes to match my dress and I did not want break my Lent, I change the dress. I feel so proud of myself, not because I delievered my case well, (I think) but because I made a promise to give up something and I feel like I am really going to make it.

Forthy days is long in terms of restricting yourself... but hopefully, with a whole ot of determination and a little bit of luck, I will be able to maintain my Lent.

This is what I wore...
Dress from Next, Cardigan from Matalan, Boots from Clarks 3years ago


  1. Love your dress, and thanks for your super nice comment!


  2. Good outifits!!!

    ciao ciao from Rome

  3. You look lovely! great blog. I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!

  4. You look gorgeous! The dress looks fantastic on you! Very put together and chic!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)


  5. i love your cardigan and shoes!! nice post! am following you right away

  6. Lovely outfit; how did your mooting go? ^_^ x

  7. i think you look good,
    i remember mooting days, good to know u handled it with ease


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