Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Open Diary: Day Out of the East

To Whom This May Concern,

I am going on holiday again,  I went Ghana in January it was very hot. I can't understand how even though I am an African. Born in the heat wave of Ghana. I'm telling you, if you crack an egg open on the pavement, it will sizzle up nicely. In view of this fact (in my head lol) I can't understand why anytime the sun comes out, a migraine comes searching for me out of nowhere. Today was a sizzling day. London reach 32 degree celsius, and although my fellow Londoners were enjoying the heat in bikini tops and miniskirts although I could not see the beach or even a swimming pool 50miles away, I still had to witness, "flabs" and "man cleavage" the whole day. *NASTY*

I went to Oxford Street a few days ago. I remember back in the days, when I was somewhere between 15-17 my mum would give me £50.00 to go shopping with my friends and I would come home with so much stuff. But these days that only buys a pair of jeans. Things are so expensive, even items on sale, are not really on sale lol. I got this lovely dress from Jane Norman, It was £50.00, I got it for £25.00, which is a real bargain, so why do I feel ripped off. £25.00 should have been the normal price and I should be paying half of that. I went to Primark to get some holiday gifts, and wow, the gift was a detriment to my bank balance, I am still dreading the idea of checking my statement. How the chuck do I spend £115.00 in Primark. This holiday is really draining me, I always pay with my debit card when I can so that I can trace my money, however, I don't think I want to know where my money went.

I love shopping I really do, but you know when you spot an item you like, and this vulture will be spying on you, hoping and waiting for you to leave it, so they can snatch it! it really annoys me, it makes me buy things I don't want only to return it later. I also hate people cross walking me, especially on Oxford Street, it is so busy and people will be walking so close to you its nasty. Now that it is summer, the shops are so busy, there are people every where and the Body Odour is of the radar. 

One last thing, I saw a lot of men wearing those shirts, the V-neck one that shows of the man cleavage. It disgust me. especially if the mans chest is bare meat. I am all for embracing your inner fashion diva, I definitely do, but make sure you are in the position to do so. I went into Aldo and the guys that works there were rocking the capri trousers and socks-less shoes. their ankles were dry and scabby, NASTY.

Anyways, I end here. I am tired, So I think I'm gonna go to bed. 

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. lol @ if you crack an egg open on the pavement, it will sizzle up nicely.. I can relate to that,what i visited Ghana for the 1st time,i had problems with the SUN,coz i can`t imagine how 1 sun can be so hot,your AC or Fan becomes i still crack jokes about how Ghana has 4 suns lol...but i`m used to it now...As for things being expensive,i guess its no news now,we just do a lil extra in order to get what we want..i know the B.Os issue is not a laughing matter but i guess with this heat, there's no running away from it coz we get to meet the Kings & Queens of ..sorry about the V-neck that shows of the man cleavage,blame it on fashion..

  2. You cracked me up big time.....Happy holidays.

  3. i understand what you mean, there are so many things that i want but even though people buy them no problem it's such a problem for me because it just seems too expensive for something that won't last a lifetime, i'm shoe obsessed but i won' buy 100 dollar shoes i'd rather buy 5 pairs for 100 dollars everything is so expensive!

  4. wow! you're post is HOT! Looks like somebody's tired and hot tempered today anways hope your next day out would be better!

    :) I've got a new post!

  5. I feel like my money disappears in no time too! it's so annoying :\

  6. Thank you for following and your lovely comment x
    Love this post its hilarious and so true x

  7. LOL!!! All i can say is 'ewww'. Everything is really so expensive these days *sigh*

    The Corner Shop

  8. LOL
    I can almost imagine your look of disgust

    Well, London does have 'interesting sights and smells' when it's summer. I guess most people here are so used to wrapping themselves up that they dont know what to do when it's hot weather.

  9. lmao, wow that heat sounds serious, so does the man boobage... Someone needs to put a stop to it asap!

    But the sales are killing my wallet too, just decided that I wasn't going to go in...period.

    Shopping Block!


  10. you know what.. i have the exact same problem with the sun coming out in all its summery fury! if i havent got my sunnies on, its almost impossible to avoid some sort of headache!

    and men with tiny tops, and people with very little clothing.. just cos its hot.. well yeah, u put quite nicely and its quite disturbing

    well done hehe

  11. haha i know what you mean with buying things in the plan to return them, only i rarely actually return items -_-' :P


  12. LOOL! this cracked me up.

    Jen xx

  13. Hey Doll ! u got some awards waiting for u on my blog :-D Please check em out. xx

  14. I'm loving your blog you should check out mine I think you'd


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