Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The List........

Most of you maybe confused the title but if you're singleton like myself it's something you hold dear to you're heart and is in the forefront of your mind. The moment you lock eyes with a guy you break the gaze and retreat to the list which prematurely terminates any chance of the guy to proceed. After a converstion with Nana I realise i'm in the persuit of perfection, which I know isn't realistic however I still persevere, hoping that the there is someone out there that meets my requirements. A childhood fantasy of a prince charming ive kept throughout my teens and im fearful it could continue into adulthood.

At the age of 13 when my prime focus shouldve have been my education mines often drifted to my hair and boys, one day after school along with my best friend i drafted my list which I still have to this day somewhere among my pile of memories from school. The list is divided into 3 sections which are looks, personality traits and hobbies and interests. I look back and laugh about it now but only difference is I no longer keep the list I the back of my diary, I have it imprinted in my brain. I still believe its importants to have a guideline but I try not to dwell on the physical, i'd be lying if I said appearances don't hold importance because they do as much as character and substance.

After some reflection maybe its time to admit i'm shallow but hey i'm only human,i try to appreciate everyone as an individual however until i erase the notion of "Mr.Perfect" i will remain single. Part of being human is being flawed, I im far from perfect, I just have to learn to accept other people imperfections. 


  1. i think u shld ve a guideline personality wise, as for the other two i suggest u pray they come along, cos in life u don't always get what u want, God gives u what u need. Hope u find Mr Right

  2. Thanks for following, we are your newest followers:)

    H&C from Amsterdam

  3. I love you're blog, I'm following you :) xoxo

  4. Love the vivid tribal prints. Thanks for the comment.



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