Saturday, 5 March 2011

I can and I will say it!..

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I am not a big fan...(scratch that) I am not a fan of Primark (Primani). Not because their clothes are cheap (I really don’t think they are) or because the quality isn’t that great. Not even because their jewelry gives me rashes. Nope I am not a fan because their collections are too common. And that is one of my pet peeves.

I hate wearing things everyone has, I know the world dose not revolve around me, though I would like to think it does. But I like exclusivity, being unique and different, I like it when people go “wow, that is nice... where is it from?” And I would pat my nose and go “would you not like to know” with a big smirk on my face.

I feel like with Primark, when you walk into the room, everybody knows where it is from. Pardon me; I am not being totally fair... I do like some things from there. I like their tights, their basic essential t-shirts, their laundry baskets, some of their lingerie   (I prefer M&S or La Senza) I like their casual shoes for, even some of their earrings, like those “smarties” looking studs, launched 2/3years ago.  I am just saying... I would not “rock” an outfit from there... PERIOD

A friend of mine, I would not mention her name, but it starts with a [D][.][.][.] ends with an [A]. She totally loves the shop. Sometimes I see her in this beautiful dresses and T-shirts from Primark, and I’m so envious, but being strong headed as I am, I refuse to get an outfit from there.

do you get why i say its too common??

I liked New Look, but in my opinion, it has become the new Primani. Most of these rude teenagers have made it super common, plus after I watched that documentary “Fashion Dirty Secret” (read my report here) it put me off even more. The recent thing, they did to make me more angry is charging me a late payment fee of £12.00 I thought you had 55days to pay. I am mostly angry with the fact that I only bought items which added up to £36.00 which I had cash to pay for but decided against it as using the card benefited my credit score. From now, the only store card I’ll be using is my outfit one.

What is your favourite shop, and what is your least favourite?
I know some people will chant about this post, please make the time and post a comment, let me know your view. :D



  1. I get what you mean about Primark, with it being quite common, and waaaay over crouded, but I still shop there.
    New Look on the other I'm not a big fan of. 1) because they rip you off a bit and 2) I find their clothes slightly boring, especially their bags, there's just no variety!!
    Expression/rant over! :)


  2. lol... heaven knows i hate primark for all the same reasons. I love the whole idea of being unique rather than being like every tom on the street

  3. @F newlook are a rip off lol... but they got some nice shoes in there just that they material used to make the shoes are too hard and gives you blisters.

    @chizy lol at "every tom in the street"
    glad u understand me

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog...I love yours, I'm following you now :)

    Please follow mine if you haven't already done so! Thanks <3


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