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Nana and Zateesha discuss The Brits Award 2011

Zateesha- The Brits this year was hosted bt Mathew Cordon at the O2 arena, the star studded event always hosts the best of british musical taalent with international stars also making appearances, each year the contributions to music are awarded and artists grace the stage.

Nana- Over 48 hours after the 2011 Brits Award and we have decided to analyse the event. Our main focus, as ladies is the fashion and make-up, But I think Zateesha wants to have a say about Rihanna's performance. (she always does) 
Lets start of with Rihanna.

Nana-  She definitely stole the show with 4 different outfits and her fierce performance. I am not a big fan of her when it comes to her music, but i definitely love her style, hair and make up.  I think she has a great influence on the fashion industry. And I am always proud of anyone who hold their head up after any tragic event.

Nana-  Rihanna's flaming red hair ensures that, you spot hair 10miles away, so for her to arrive in a blue slash purple dress with a lemon green bow, plus blue shoes makes it impossible to avoid her. Not many people..., I should rephrase that, apart from her, I do not see or want to see anyone else attempting to pull this look off. Not saying is the best dress on the carpet that night, but for me I think she wore dress and it definitely stole the cameras.

Nana-  After her saucy performance, Rihanna took her award for best international act in this floral print dress. It is very classy, pretty and quite girly the dress is somewhat like a wedding gown and the red flowers match her fierce flaming hair.

Nana-  I thought her performance was good. I did not like the red flowing dress that she opened her performance in, but she soon took it off to show a a barely there lacy one piece. I loved how she look in that. I have always been envious with her body and who isn't. She really rocked the stage.

Zateesha- Over the years the more I've been exposed to Rihanna the more I seem to critique, as a consumer I'm entitled to express my views and as a lover of art I can appreciate the cutting edge hair choices, flawless make up and daring fashion choices I'm yet to be as pleased to see her onstage. My understanding of a live performance is obviously different to Rihannas who was drowned out by a pre recoreded medley of her hits. I thought the permance was stiff, the enthusiasm on her face didnt quite follow through to her body but she livened up a bit during Whats my name. Rihanna has an amazing body but none of the dresses did her any justice not to mention im not a fan of florals.

Nana-  Cheryl looked stunning on the night, She wore a black sparkly dress by Stella McCartney with nude shoes. Previously her fashion sense has been heavily criticised and I think she got it absolutely right last night at the Brits. Cheryl dress showed of the tattoo on her back, in this daring dress but made sure she kept her hand on that thigh length slit.

Zateesha- Agreeing with Nana this time Cheryls dress, she looked elegant but still sexy with an exposed back and as she walks you see the high split which seems to be a growing trend. This is Cheryl doing what she does best; looking pretty.

Nana-  Alesha Dixon looked stunning in this mini gold knitted dress, those on going legs were worked to the max. My only criticism is the shoes, I think black suede ankle boots would have made it more edgy.

Zateesha- Alesha Dixon the golden goddess with legs for days, i think the jacket is a no-no it shortened her torso making her look out of portion but i disagree with Nana i like the shoes. Her make up and hair were kept simple, Alesha exudes beauty and radiance.

Nana-  I love Jessy J, but I am sorry i hated the dress... I think its ugly but her shoes, now that is something Dixon should have been wearing. All in all her acceptance speech was so heart felt and I am happy for her. And not to forget, I love her make up, red lips dark smokey eyes, number one stunner.!

Zateesha- Lady of the moment Jessie J unfortunately i wasnt a fan of her dress, i loved the colour but not the style it was ill fitted but for me her always perfect dark glossy cleopatra inspired long bob with the bangs saved her. I wouldve loved to see her perform on the night.

Nana-  Adele gave one of of the best performance of the night, if not the best. I loved how she kept everything covered but still looked sexy. I think she's got some great curves and I think she should show it off more.

Zateesha- Adeles performance was amazing, you dont need fireworks and dancers when you have a voice like Adeles, her midi hemline was very flattering and the detailing on the bust was beautiful. With her hair back in a bun herr make up took centre stage, this illuminated her soft, smoky and seductive eyes.

Nana-  Ellie Goulding looked great in this ivory goddess dress. I must say mini dresses and thigh length slits were popular at the awards. I love that gold vintage necklace, but again I do not like those shoes.

Nana-  I don't know who they are, but I did not like what they wore.

And the only guy in our collection, 

Nana-  Yes, It is Bieber.... He don't belong, but I had to place him here. I absolutely adore him, and I think he looked great. :D

Zateesha- My favourite perfomances of the night were Adele and Plan B, they’re such great vocalist but brought something different to the stage.

Im so proud of Tinie Tempah hes come such a long way and it goes to show hard work really does pay off, if you have a dream persue it and dont give up.

Its times like these i feel proud to be British, we have so much talent and diverstity within our music but the only way we can progress is to support our own as much as we do with American

xoxx Nana  & Zateesha xxox
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  1. Love Adele.....she is soo for real as a plus size chick the black dress looks great on her


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