Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Kim Kardashian - Jam (Turn It Up)

My first thought after hearing this song was "what the chuck".
I love the Kardashians, I love the family as if I know them personally, and Kim is my favourite, I'm always defending her. When I heard she had a song coming out, I actually was really looking forward to it. But now I am just biting my lips waiting for it to be over. Maybe it might be just me, but I think singing is not for her, no offence Kim, love you...a lot but not a supporter here..

What do you think


  1. Blesssings.....
    Sometimes "they" think they can have and do it all although it isn't always so for most.

    She will sell just because of her name and in the western society "name" is everything.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. No one respects Kim, she will never be a singer,she makes Rihanna sound amazing lol

  3. I love Kim but this, well isn't great :/

  4. looool... @Black barbie, rihanna is not good but she is not bad neither

  5. haha this is jokes, thanks for sharing :)


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