Sunday, 30 January 2011


When I returned from Ghana on the 21st of January, I was a bit down, because I was back to the cold... cold... British weather? Err a little... Because I left my family and would probably not see them for another year or two... Err maybe...

What really got me down was the fact that I had missed the sales. The great new year sales. I blogged about my despise for sales, the whole atmosphere, but I love the bargains I get when I shop.
The next day I set out to do a few runs, you know check my bank, sort out the pile of letters waiting at my door when I returned.

When I got the shopping center something pushed me into super drug and behold, there on the far corner shelves where boxes of GHOSH goodies.

I was love struck, beautiful Quattro Eye Shadows usually at a retail price of £8.49, Velvet Touch Eye Liner usually priced at £4.99 , On Stage cool lip jam *could not find the price it should be between £4-8 ...All this for less than £5.00? slap me somebody. Of course I was going to buy it, who wouldn’t...tell me and I’ll slap them. Laugh out loud

Certain selfish people (innocent face) bought all the other colors so I cold only find two different colors. My second ox had the same package in it minus the eyeliner and had High Precision Mascara.

I would love to show off my purchase but when I got home, I was too excited to that I forgot to take pictures. But here is a snap of my BARGAIN

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