Monday, 31 January 2011

So I bought a Ghosh nail polish... and nothing more...

This year I told myself, Nana! NO unnecessary shopping. Except from the fact that i missed the Christmas sale, so i had to blow £450 when i got back. *I'm still in shock* Will Smith is right,
people (me)
buy things (clothes, perfumes, shoes, make,)
they don't need (i got so much clothes i broke my wardrobe, shoes they don't fit on the rack... perfumes i got my own and so does my mother... hers i can borrow.)
with money they don't have (well i have but it could have gone to something better)
to impress people (i only impress my self)
they don't even like (i like everybody until you don't like me)

Long Story short... today after Uni, went to the shopping centre to wait for my next bus home. All the clothes were like buy me, buy me! but i walked passed the shops...i did not even go into a single one, i headed straight for super drug. Remember my last post about my Ghosh purchase... well there was a little voucher in there £2.00 of any Ghosh product. I had seen this nail liqueur i wanted so i thought why not.

When i go there, BarryM are doing sales 2 items for £6 something, so saving you over £2.00, You should see me, I picked up the lip crayon, the eye shadow dust 'tingy'... whatever the called it.. some nail liqueurs. And then my will power kicked in.
I put them all back on the shelves and i walked out of the shop. With the Ghosh nail polish ofcourse *and yes i payed for it lol- what do you think this is*

Anyway... I am highly proud of my self.
*pat on the back*

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