Monday, 13 June 2011

My Confession

I am going to tell you lot something, which is not a secret for the people in daily, weekly or monthly physical life. But to some it might be somewhat embarrassing. However I am not embarrassed at all.

That's not what you was expecting huh?
Sorry to disappoint you, however I am super crazy about it. I read all the books in 2 weeks. Yes those fat books and I was mad that the story ends. 

I've seen all the movies out already, over 5 time at the cinema and countless of times at home, but I refuse to buy a DVD now any way lol. I feel like I have spent too much money at the cinema. Why should I keep making them rich. I've only watched it so much because I couldn't help myself.

I heard that the Trailer for breaking dawn was previewed at the MTV Movie awards. I missed it and only got to see it today. I really can't wait. I'm that kind of person that if you have not read the book so don't know the end, I can't help it, I gotta tell you what happened.
However I will try to keep  my gob shut. 

Part 1

Part 2

I'm both team Edward and team Jacob. I am also team Carlisle and Team  Emmett if they have a team lol.
This my diary so thought I will share with you guys.
I am so angry that its not coming out until November. That is very stupid. I am not happy about that at all..

ANyways, what films are you guys looking forward to.

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  1. What a wonderful post! I love twilight ♥
    Shall we follow each other? Let me know. I'd glad.
    Visit my blog -

    Love xx

  2. I read all of the twilight books. they were so nice, easy and enjoyable to read. i dont think iv read anything that fast. Im not so super obsessed with the movies though.

  3. oh oh I LOOOOOVE TWILIGHT :))
    great post dear :)

  4. I love twilight too :) so excited about Breaking Dawn! I am deffinately team Jacob and Edward too, I mean how could your choose!


  5. me2! HAHA I'm madly in love with twilight but never bought a dvd!

  6. Just voted for you ;) I hope that everything goes well!
    would love if you visited!

  7. thanks for the comment on my blog, i'm a twilight fan too, team Jacob! xx

  8. Me toooo! But i like the books better! :))
    haha NOVEMBER?? that's tooo long!
    I'm also waiting for Harry Potter! :)

  9. I like going to the movies, so much ! I am looking forward to Super 8, the new JJ Abrams movie, cause I am a sci-fi lover :)
    Kisses from Italy !

    Fashion and Cookies

  10. i have only watched the first twilight movie (yes, i'm stale like that). Didnt really get what all the fuss was about lol. I think Edward is overrated :P

  11. you're not alone! I'm a closet twilight fan ;) I can't wait for the next movie!!!
    would love if you came to visit ;)

  12. Hahaha I'm not a big Twilight fan, but I think the book covers are really pretty and artistic. Love your style! =)

  13. I love Twilight!!
    Nice post!

  14. Hi girl, you have a beautiful blog!
    Thank you for the visit, I hope you come back more times :)
    All the best!

    Kisses xXX

  15. I love the first movie, I thought that it was pretty good.
    And I'm looking forward to Captain American and Green Lanter. I'm a big sucker for superhero movies. I already saw Xmen and Thor and those were great!

  16. I like twilight, but i am not as obsessed lol. I am looking forward to true blood lol. i know its not a movie.

  17. Just voted for you. Best of luck to ya : )

  18. such a long wait right! argh! twilight freak here too!! followed!!

  19. i'm so excited for the movie! :)

    lovely post! ,
    follow back?xx

  20. Lovely!
    follow each other??

  21. HI! your blog is really nice!! congrats=)

    come and take a look =)

    we could follow each other =)

  22. Oh an addiction to Twilight is nothing to be ashamed of! lol I'm personally not a Twi-hard - I never got into the first book and then completely dismissed it lol. I have a short attention span :/

    I am now following you! <3

  23. I can see the appeal, but i'm not a twilight saga fan. I really liked New Moon though. It was the only one i felt was interesting. I think Bella put me off the story- she's so dry, depressed, and angsty.

    Thanks for checking my blog :D


  24. Following!

    follow me-

  25. Just stumbled unto your blog!followed :)...I think the Twilight movies and books are every girl's "guilty pleasure!"

  26. nice post! <3
    anyway check mine if you have a chance :)

  27. Great blog!should we follow each other?

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  29. I love twilight :)


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