Saturday, 1 January 2011


This is not just a fashion blog; this is the ‘Diary of A Shallow Black Girl’, just to clarify things. But life is a fashion so...I suppose it is a fashion blog. Random huh? I know…so what I’m I doing? Watching ‘Sex and the City’ I love that show, I was never a big fan, I’m more of a ‘Gossip Girl’ addict. Smiles But ‘Sex in the City’ is really doing it for me recently. Both these shows are fashion orientated, the authors of each of the shows, deserves a good praise… they are amazing.

            I would like to live a life style like one of the characters, well I’m not sure, I love my life and it loves me, but I don’t always like it, I think that feeling is mutual.
I’m preparing to go Ghana, yay ,I am super happy. Spend sometime with family, meet new people, have fun, chill out. Hopefully no drama, my life here is soooo dramatical it should be staged. Just saying. Enjoy the cold whiles I head out…into the sun for 12 days

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