Thursday, 30 December 2010


Hey lovelies,

I’m home alone, sitting in front of the television, watching ‘Sex and the City’, how I love Carey’s shoe collection. Today I have basically done nothing; I woke up so late all I can do is go into town to check out the sales. Must I say it is ridiculous!. An exclamation mark to emphasize it… And what kills it is that, is not even the first day, I mean…the sales started in Sunday so imagine how it was. I saw pictures, trust me it was scary. People actually camped outside the shops, don’t you have access to Internet, shop online, if is not right when you get it, send it back, that’s my motto.

But today I decided to pop in to River Island, the clothes were scattered everywhere, I don’t know how people find stuff. My friend got some really nice things. One hot skinny jeans, like the super ones and some OMG heels. They are killer!!!! The bomb. I sound stupid now.
You want to know the point of this blog post. Sorry I don’t really have one. I am bored, alone…so I thought I would nag.  Guess what I learned. I hate sales...this is my epiphany *abit extreme you would presume* I love the things I get, but I hate the atmosphere…women become animals, their instincts are up, they will snatch any item they see. Inconsiderate, some woman even step on my shoes without saying sorry… And what I hate the most, when you see something you like, they will not have your size, you end up wasting your time and coming home with things you did not even want in the first place because you feel the need to buy something.

I got nothing today but I will try again tomorrow. I hate it but what can I say I AM A WOMAN. A young girl that is. 

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