Monday, 17 January 2011

Me & my hair

Day 1
So its 1.15am as usual I can't sleep, why??I have no clue, so I'm using this time to evaluate how I'm feeling at the moment.
I've made a promise to myself to attempt to be weave free for whole 7 days, to some of you reading this it may seem trivial but for those who do know me my hair and overall appearance has always been important to me, maybe too important so that has prompted me to try something outside my comfort zone.
I've rocked many styles from a mohawk, side shaved, betty page bangs, short pixie crop, a bowl cut, with colours ranging from fiery red, warm chocolate brown to jet black and a selection of texture. You name it I've pretty much done it but the one option I tend not to proudly flaunt is my own natural hair; no weave and no relaxer/perm.
I'm already contemplating the reactions I will get like "what happened to your hair?!" I've already spent minutes of the day gazing in the mirror with horror and confusion, I'm beginning to think the problem isn't what other will think of my hair but what I think of it myself, do I hate my hair that much that I can't bare to look at it?
Many women try to justify reasons as to why they wear weaves or have permed/relaxed hair the usual excuses are:
1. Its more convenient and easier to manage
2. I want to keep my hair natural(not relax it)
3. I don't have good hair
4. I like the way it makes me feel
5. I work in an office my natural hair isn't acceptable
I feel like a hypocrite because I had my hair relaxed at age 8, an idea that I had persistently asked my mum to pursue, since then I've alternated between weaves and relaxers until now age 19 where I have taken the decision to be natural. To be frankly honest I doubt I will last the week but its worth a try, I might even like it lol. Throughout the week I will try my best to update daily about my thoughts and feeling towards my hair.

x Zateesha x

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