Thursday, 13 January 2011

I Love Mac...Virginity of FOUNDATION

I Love MAC!! MAC… MAC… MAC…(my mum loves FASHION FAIR)
I was a virgin to foundation until June 2010; I went to Selfridges with my friend and decided to rebel against my mother’s wishes by purchasing foundation for the first time ever. Prior to that I had seldom worn foundation. I think I had only worn it about 4 times and I was 19years of age. I was no stranger to other make-ups, such as eye shadow, blusher, eyeliner mascara even lipstick. With which I have to be careful because I got naturally full luscious lips loool *I had to make that bold * But one my 19th birthday…Zateesha made me up fully… with MAC and I’ve had a crush since….

Anyhow…for some strange reason, my mother detest the idea of me wearing foundation, she thinks it would ruin my complexion such a great complexion I had… *I’m getting it back though * After I bought the Mac that sunny afternoon in June, I wore foundation almost everyday…I think that was one of the things that my mother was scared of. I think I wanted to make-up for all those times I was not allowed to.

I have finally caught the balance…so now I only wear it when I’m going out and think cameras might be present. i.e. Dinner with friends or parties.
When I was coming to Ghana in December, though my foundation had not finished I decided to get another one just in case…this time, my intention was to get the powder and concealer as well.

At first instance, I disliked my consultant; she was not at all friendly. The first time I went to MAC in Selfridges I met this bubbly tiny blond girl, she is bursting with excitement and that rubbed off on me… I enjoyed the 15-20min consultation it was so much fun. So when I got stuck with gloomy depressed consultant, I thought I am going to hate whatever she does. And I did until she decided to change her mood and started smiling and being talkative.  She put made me up, with MAC MINERALISE SPF 15 FOUNDATION. This was the same one, my first consultant used on me…so I thought wow she must know her job, give her a chance Nana…

A chance I gave her, until she told they had run out, and she is sorry she did not tell me from the beginning. Frankly I got quite angry because you would assume she should have told me when she discovered before applying it. But luck on her behalf she was able to talk me into getting the MAC STUDIO TECH FOUNDATION

She explained that with that, you only need a small amount and because its coverage is so good, Concealer is not necessary and she was right. I LOVE IT.

I am quite surprised with myself that I allowed her to apply it after all the drama in the beginning. I am quite shallow…just a bit narrow-minded tiny bit but I am glad I was open to change this time…. And I think it is my best investment. I ended up just getting the powder…the MINERAL one that is. I love how it is so loose and airy but does its JOB… 
Zateesha introduced me to MAC on my 19th Birthday…I’ve loved it since… and I think I loved her more….

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  1. Am a die hard mac user....I love it and its perfect for black skin...


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