Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Winter! White and Beautiful

I don't understand why everybody is fussing about the snow! I think its beautiful. *well I do understand with regards to transport, travel, work, school* But I think everybody needs to sit back with a cup of latte!!, hwat chocolatte!! Double expresso, black or white coffee, a cup of tea, whatever tickle your taste buds and relax.

For the First time in a long while, there is a chance of white Christmas. Doesn't that excite you??? *it sure sends me over the moon*
I really hope I get people singing carols at my front door this year. I always like scenes like that in movies.

Winter will help ya play with outfits. Its the only time of year where you can look incredibly sexaayy without feeling the need to bear all. *i believe you can always look sexy without having to show flesh but that is usually regarded as stylish and save*
Anyhow, as I was saying, you can wear layer over layer and still look fabulous.

Now I know sometimes you can be exhausted because of the weather. Since you want to stay in bed, you might throw on an old hoody a baggy trouser and some trainers. I so don't blame you. You should have seen me yesterday, my hair was unkempt, instead of baggy I wore skinny jeans but you can imagine the look *i really need a camera***santa if you out there get me a camera for xmas**

this is the one i have

Enough of my atrocious look yesterday. Today I look fairly decent. I got on a lot of layers but because my clothes are fitted, you might think I'm not wearing a lot. Got my UGGS on *everybody should invest in a pair* not the cheap ones that lean to the side but the proper UGGS!!!

But i want this one. £250.00 is a lot. *xmas wish list* :D

It feels good to look good! But it feels better to Look Good and still be warm.

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