Friday, 5 November 2010

DOASBG Daily Wear!

On tuesday, I blogged about putting my daily outfits, the ones I think, let me rephrase that. The ones I know are worth your while.

Yesterday, I did not blog about my attire because I stayed home the whole day, but if you must know I wore a black and grey printed thick leggings with and orange long sleeve blouse and my black and white house boots.

If I was to live my house I would have switched the house boots for black casual boots and a black mini leather jacket with a hoodie and silva zips and buttons. That was yesterday.

Today I am wearing a grey super skinny jeans from Next. You will eventually notice that I wear a lot of grey. I don't know why but we will discover the reason together in another blogpost.

So I am wearing this skinny jeans with a Worker Khaki military ankle boots from Simmi shoes.

A khaki leather jacket with faux collar from Cool-Cat(Netherlands). Underneath the jacket I got on a gray polar neck jumper which is from Promise(Netherlands). The looks is very casual but still edgy. I'm wearing a Dolce&Gabanna oversize handbag(its my mothers but I have claimed ownership :D)

Excluding the Handbag you should get this look for between. £150.00 and £200.00. I cannot give the exact figure because I bought the jacket and top in Euro's.

this thursdays blog. just getting round to publishing today.

Have a lovely day.

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