Sunday, 26 September 2010

Rogues Burned

Funny stuff, on wednesday, I received a call from the rogues by the name of Diesel Models, Bluerooms Studio Pure space studio. They were offering me £199.00 out of £1199.00. In my head I thought these people are crazy. You scammed me for £1199.00 and you only want to refund me one sixth of that amount???

The money they offered me is for the efolio, this is an 'internet portfolio' I cancelled the efolio 2days after I found out they were rogues. They told me it will take 7 to 10 days for the efolio or Ifolio to be ready. When I called him to cancel, Mike Hannah told me it had already been made and he could not cancel it. The domain cost £20 to £50 (as if)

Anyway I called him the next day insisting that I have every right to cancel because the period they told me that the efolio would be finish had not reached so it should not have been made. He still insisted that it was done, so I asked him to give me the web address but he could not provide me with a web address.(I know right) He asked me to call him in four hours and he'll have it, apparently the guy who has it was out for lunch. (I'm suppose to believe him because I'm that much of a fool for his lies to get me 2 times, I mean who takes a four hour lunch break) within that time they put together the most ridiculous *cheap ass* unprofessional webpage I had ever seen and tried to charge me £199.00 for that. 

This had me furious so I called the Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) who transferred me unto the Consumer Direct. They told me since the whole thing was a scam, I should able to request my whole £1199.00 back. They explained the point of Law I can argue my case on and it made sense, Diesel Models along with Blueroom Studio had Fraudulently Misrepresented me which has induced me to purchase those worthless and useless pictures. As a person of morals and conscience I thought even though they were rogues, they did provide me with those pictures so we can negotiate the £1000.00 and each can part with half of that. But I am automatically entitled to the £199.00.

I followed the Consumer Direct Advice and sent them 3 letters, Mike Hannah called me upon the receipt of my first letter, offering the efolio money which is £199.00 if I drop the rest of the case. I refused and told him to put it in writing, he said he could not do that as he not see the point. I did not want to take his word for anything so I told him if not he should not contact me by phone again.

I sent them second letter giving them 30 days, he rang me again and I refused to negotiate over the phone. He then stopped communicating and so I sent him a finale letter given him 14days.
This brings us back to the beginning of this post. I told him to send me whatever has in writing. He said he don't see the point but he still sent it. I bet he thought I was kidding before. But I rather have a judge tell me I can't have my money than let those rogues take my money. 

Ms Nana 

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