Sunday, 26 September 2010

Once Upon A Life Time

So okay lovelies,

I was reminiscing about the past, cause you know like I quoted yesterday, The past always influences the present. I was quite taken back when some feeling came upon me so strong.
I wrote this down, a song a poem, I don't know. Although I think its more of a song. Like an unfinished lyrics sort of thing.

Anyways here it is.

Words come few, when you desperately are in need to say,
Something true so true, to someone you care for.
I won't let it stop me, let it stop me,
Cause today might be my last chance to tell ya

I love the sound of your voice
The smile on your face
Those curls on your head, tinted brown by the sun.
I love the chip on your tooth, the heart in your chest and the Love in that heart

I love that you make me laugh, that you made me almost love you....
That you let me care... Though I'm not the one, to put someone else above me. I love that you loved me... Once upon a life time

There lool, I don't what else add to it 

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