Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Some Secrets Must Not Be Revealed

But I will make and exception,

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting" - Christian Dior

I love adore pretty scents, perfume, body mist, body spray, perfumed lotions or creams.
The whole lot, I usually wear more than one perfume at a time, I do that because it keeps people guessing, a hint of "Euphoria", mixed with "Intimately Beckham" and if I'm feeling brave a vanilla body mist by body shop.

All these scents are great, My friend of mine, named Priscilla introduced me to 'Euphoria' and I have loved it since
The combination of 'Euphoria', a sexy, sensual and captivating scent and a the subtle velvety vanilla scented body mist is great at night, both together is very erotic and makes you feel super confident, whenever I wear the two people always give compliment, but I hate having a particular scent.

I am adventurous (well I would like to think I am) so occasionally I will switch it up, For summer I usually wear 'Fantasy' by Britney Spears.
When this was on sale in super drug, I bought two extra back ups. Hopefully they don't go off. What I love about this perfume is that, is very sweet and fruity scented, It reminds me of spring and autumn but somehow i love to wear it for the summer, I really enjoy wearing it during this time of year, April, May June because when the heat sets ablaze, you get swamped with bees. (lol)
The positive note is that, this perfume is very romantic but also casual, the bottle is embedded with real Swarovski crested and it has a lasting power of more than 5hours on the body longer on clothes.

'Far A Way' by avon, I have not met a person who does not know this perfume,
Actually that is a lie, my friend Angela, tried it and she was like "this is so nice" and her guest commented on how pretty her perfume smelled.
This perfume has graced the test of time, it has lasted for so many years, never been out of style. Its a great gift to give because people generally like it. This the perfume I always carry in my purse, I mostly wear this daily unless the suns out and I want to be summery then I wear Fantasy.

This scent is very musky which means sexy and romantic, it smells very vintage, it sets me in the glamour years of Marilyn Monroe, golden years of Audrey Hepburn,  (ok that is a bit far fetch but you know what I mean)
Is a classic illuminous scent, which easily get notice and it last forever.

At this very moment, my going out perfume is 'Rive Guache' by Yves Saint Laurent.
This perfume is like 'Euphoria' and 'Far Away' in one, it is super sexy. You got to be feeling super confident to wear it. You are guaranteed to turn heads, both male and female.

"Rive Gauche incarnates the fragrance of a resolutely independent and free-spirited woman.
Rive Gauche is more than just a fragrance.
Free, sexy and unpredictable, Rive Gauche expresses the quintessence of Yves Saint Laurent’s eternal modernity.
Since its creation this revolutionary fragrance has kept its evocative power thanks to its inimitable scent and the very original design of its bottle."

Every single bit of this description is real and right on point, It is a pinch for money, but trust me, with a gorgeous dress and some killer shoes, you would want to wear this, it gives that extra edge.

My other Favourite by Yves Saint Laurent is 'Cinema'
My friend Rosemond, loved this perfumes so I bought her one for her birthday, I had to get my self one. 
Its is a "very elegant fragrance scented with almond tree blossom, amber and amaryllis. It is a sensual and voluptuous fragrance, with an intense and flamboyant character."
Like Euphoria it is very velvety and slightly musky.

I love strong perfumes because they reflect my personality.
My desire is to get my hands on 'Play' by Givenchy

I tried a sample of this somewhere last year, and I fell in love, frankly I do not know why I have not purchased it yet. But I have a feeling it will join my collection soon.

"A woman should wear fragrance wherever she expects to be kissed" - Coco Chanel
"Two things makes the woman unforgettable, their tears and their perfume" - Sacha Guiltry 

Diary of A Shallow Black Girl

There you have it, my favourite perfumes :)
What perfume do you use?


  1. I didn't know a lot of these brands. Time to check some out :) We don't have so many in Belgium dough.

  2. I love Cinema. It smells so good!

  3. So many beautifull perfumes!i think euphoria is a lovely personal favs are Burberry Brit and Armani Code!kisses dear :)

  4. These are all great perfumes! My favorites are Miss Dior Cherie, Viva la Juicy, and Burberry London :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  5. Last time I went to Body Shop to ask for the Vanilla body mist, they said they discontinued. Is that true? Or do they have a new one? :)

    <3 Paulyn

  6. Lovely post dear! At the moment I am using B.U Hippy Soul and Fantasy by Britney Spears! Thanks for your sweet comment, it means a lot to me!
    xoxo Kiki

  7. hi! thank you for the lovely comment...and for following! i will follow back!
    keep i touch! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  8. I like Givenchy.
    If you want, you follow me.
    I'll follow you too.
    Alla moda e con stile

  9. Thanks. I follow you too :)

  10. I am inspired to try Far A Way, I will let you know my verdict when the order comes in :).
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  11. Ok i'm getting euphoria before next week is over. no jokes! :)
    "Play" by Givenchy looks interessting..hmmm

  12. Thanks for the comment sweet, off course I follow back! The last perfume on your list is super nice!

  13. I like givenchy hot couture.... and bvlgari for men... haha i don't care that it's a cologne:P

  14. I am completely smitten with Cinema...It will forever remain a favorite. I think the scent is sweet with a spicy twist...and it's concentration ensures it goes a looong way. Hold on....**walks away to spritz Cinema on neck***

  15. I love the idea of wearing 2 perfumes! My favorite is Gucci by Gucci and D&G the one =)

  16. Very nice this blog!
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  17. I would like to try out Fantasy by Britney....i use Live by J-lo,thanx for the info on perfume i like:)

  18. Very nice blog!! :)
    would you like to follow eachother?? :))

  19. Play!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm defo hunting that one down! great blog posts


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