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Innovative Prints, Style and Design - Vlisco

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Guys I am back from my exams. yay* and what other way than to write a post about beautiful prints, especially since this season is overwhelmed with them.
Innovative prints, stylish designs, beautiful contrasting but also clashing colours, and exquisite tailoring of the models outfit. You could not expect any less from Vlisco;

"Since 1846 Vlisco has been designing and producing colourful fashion fabrics that form an essential part of the lively West and Central African culture. Vlisco has an innate sense of the expressive and creative strength of African consumers and, for generations, has succeeded in surprising and inspiring her passionate clientele with unique designs. As the sole authentic designer and manufacturer of such fabrics as ‘Wax Hollandais’, Vlisco is unparalleled when it comes to quality, professional skill and innovation."

A while back, I wrote a post about the popularity of "African" tribal inspired Prints clothes in  clothing, shoes, bags and even buggy's. (don't believe me? see for yourself)
For me Vlisco is truly an inspiration due to the fact that these prints are part of my culture and up bringing. The elderly females in my family only wear clothing made from these fabrics. From miles away they will be able to spot the "real Vlisco". Regardless of how identical two fabrics might be, they still tend to tell you which is the original and which is not. 

Though I loved the colours, texture and prints of the fabric, I was never keen on wearing them, I use to think it was for old people, because it was so highly respected. I wanted to wear things which are modern. But growing up, I understand history does indeed repeats it self. I see the value of Vlisco. I have seen what could be made with these fabrics.  Something relatively modern which still look unique, with an impact that will cause head to turn. 

What do you think of the prints and the tailoring. 

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  1. that is soooo hot!!! very inspirational and truly innovative, great post :))

  2. soo cool!
    the colours are amazing (:


  3. Colourful and very pretty!

    Congrats on your just-concluded exams-- e no easy :)

  4. Such an amazing collection! You have a fab blog :)

  5. Wow! How inspiring to read about your culture and about Vlisco, which I hadn't known about till now :) Those photos are amazing.

    xo//Andrea Marie

  6. i'm crazy in love with vlisco!. their sense of creativity is amazing ..there's nothing not to like about them..lovely post

  7. I LOVE those prints, I'm in love!

  8. Yaay! welcome back!! I've always loved african print. These pics are so gorgeous!!

  9. I love my african prints and i love wearing trad and modern-trad. Its only since i've been in my more grown up years that i've been embracing i though :(
    I just wish i knew how to sew so i wouldn't have to be giving these people my whole life savings to get an outfit made lol.

  10. lovely dresses and ah-mazing models...

  11. I absolutely love the colors, the prints, and the cuts! Absolutely gorgeous.
    You guys have a great blog, I'm definitely following!
    Have a great day :)

  12. I love these designs ! You both have such a stylish blog, I love it ! Definitely following now (:

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment! :)

    Nice pics!

    See you soon! :)

  14. wooow really amazing pictures

  15. Thank you ! well if you look at the top of my blog normally you would see a blogger toolbar, and on the top left next to the blogger icon you should see a search bar, and next to that there's a 'follow' button ;)

    xx !

  16. African print is the best,

  17. i love a bold print for summer! Some of these are just fantastic! xx

  18. I am in love with these fashion photos and the choices they made with the prints! Great post!

  19. These photos are so inspirational I love the prints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. OMG! I <3 this post and picturesssss

  21. woooow these are amazing xoxo

  22. Loving this post.. The different prints & the bright colors are so HWAT!

    Thanks for stopping by & visiting my site.



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