Monday, 20 December 2010


snacking on some galaxy :D
I remember posting about loving the snow, frankly I do, but not when it is affecting my journey.
You see like most people I like the snow, when I am at home with nowhere to go. I will go and play in it with my little brothers and then get back to my warm cozy house, take a hot bath and climb in my warm bed. At times like those, I love the snow.

Holiday suitcases
I absolutely hate it when I have to go somewhere, for example on saturday I had work. I woke up and ironically i asked my mum before going out side if it had snowed, she replied by saying nope, but it was freezing out side.  I was gonna stay home till later, when I had to go work, I had to take the bus, my car has decided to freeze up on me during this shivering season. *roll my eyes*

the view outside my house
Usually I leave my house like, 40minutes before work but i decide to leave 1hour and 20minutes early just incase. Believe  from like 17:10 till about 18:00 and there was no bus, I phoned work that I was gonna be late, an hour later still none, I called in and told them what happened and they were okay with that. I was a tiny bit grateful because I did not want to go in, it was cold. I was thinking how will I be getting home after?

*so why I'm I complaining* well I was suppose to go on holiday on Monday, but my flight is cancelled, I am sure you guys are all aware of that. *it sucks* (excuse my language) But what can I do, just have to wait and hope that i do get on the next flight.!!!

Do ya want some :P

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