Friday, 29 October 2010

Virginity of Drunkenness

I went out with my girls last night.  To a club called Rumba in Leicester Square.
Zateesha the lazy other author of this blog was there as well. *smiles*

Anyway, i wasn't gonna go but then i got persuaded to, it worked because i did in fact wanted to go i just could not be bothered.we got all dressed up looking nice with very less effort, since i was coming from a longer destination i met them there.

When we entered i must say i was quite disappointed, (you ask me why) Well i was disappointed because i am at a stage all i talk about is men, realise i did use boys, I am 20years old boys are in the past.

So i got this club and all i can see is a whole bunch of kids. Security is strict at the door so I had a reasonable ground to believe everybody was over the age of 18. (i do not want to grind up on no one just so i can be proseuted later, not that i would dance with anyone ever *shrugs*)

We got a few drinks, and stayed at the bar, this guy in a black shirt, black trousers and a tie, all smart up took an interest in Tia, my friends cousin. To show off is big man self he showered us with drinks. Bless his pockets *blushes* and we drank and drank and drank. 

I left my drink for a while, which in retrospective was very stupid, because Tia was drunk and the guy was a stranger, anywho when i came back and had a few sip of my Merlot Rose, i started to feel very light headed, I went to sit near the toilet.

One Handsome fellow took notice and came to check on me, he got me water and stayed with me making sure i was alright until my friends came. I feel so embarrassed and never want to see him again
I am always boosting about taking care of myself and not needing anyone, but had i not met this God sent fella, it would have been a total disgrace.

I am so full of myself, even when i was at the stage of declaring the end of my live, when my whole sense of pride and dignity had been obstructed by alcohol, i had the audacity to reject tap water *embarrassed*blushes*shrugs* but in the end i had it because there was nothing else. 

MsNana, Zateesha, Monique

I had a good night but i believe my drink was spiked, If it wasn't then i have totally lost my virginity of drunkenness (which means i can never declare that i have not been drunk before)

Everbody was so nice like strangers were helping me and boys were asking if i was ok. The staff there were all very helpful and they took good care of me.
I used to be like ladies never get drunk, and i still hold that believe. But also believe that sometimes it might not be self inflicted. On special occasions such birthdays, 'have a glass and keep filling it up'


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