Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday Night Fever

Well not so much as a fever, its cold but I would not have it any other way because I am home.
Unlike people who are at work or stuck somewhere, I am all warm in my house, sitting on the sofa and watching TV. I was reading my law book but decided to blog about my saturday night in doors.

You see i am always at work on saturdays, I work in as a waitress so as you can guess saturdays are very busy, especially now that we are low on staff. I took this weekend off because i was meant to travel, but i did not complete my assignments so i had to cancel my trip.

It has definitely been worth it, i went gym late afternoon, i went to a zumba fitness class. It is was really fun i feel like my body has really worked out. The class is fun and very easy to do, I personally like going to the gym and doing it with other people but watching the DVD is also as good.

After gym i did some chores and then chilled with the family, we went out for dinner today, had a great meal. And now we are watching a DVD 'He's Just Not That Into You' The film is great but i think the book is much better.
Have a great night, I know i am having one.

Ohw and do take on bored what the story is about. A lot of us ladies have the problem the storyline is addressing.


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