Thursday, 5 January 2012

Open Diary: My New Years Resolution (Time Management)

Fifth Day in the 2012, this is my New Years Post... HAPPY NEW YEAR lol

Every New Year, most of us make resolutions, some are sensible, some are totally unrealistic, but still we make them anyway. 
For the past two years, my resolutions had been; more exercise, less junk, more water, and try to forgive people who have wronged me.

I found that I am only able to stay committed to the gym when I'm depress, I don't really eat junk food except the occasional quarter pounder meal with water or subway (if that is junk, i did hear somewhere that  its as bad as Mc donalds - don't quote me on it)

Also I do drink water, lots of it, but not always, and as for forgiven people, I do till they piss me off again, then I leave it till my next years resolution. 

This year, my resolution is to be more organised. I am quite organised, I have an agenda, in which i keep everything including little notes about how i felt that day (that is only few), I have a weekly list as well.

But this year, I thought I would do something different and plan out my week, have a table that let me know what I should be doing at every specific hour of the day.
After spending 2hours and a bit on Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac, I resulted with this;

This is a very accurate and detailed register along with my agenda, of how most of my time is and will be spent. Life is unpredictable so there may be times where I would have to adjust  this schedule to benefit me. But I will always know what I'm suppose to do and when I am suppose to do it. And there is enough me time to allow me to enjoy a relaxed but organised time table. 

I hope you take notes
btw what is your resolution??
Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog! xoxo

  2. Hey, I just found your blog.
    It's awesome. :)
    Visit me. :)

  3. Olá, passeando pela blogosfera, achei seu blog! Adorei ele e já virei seguidora! =]

    Te convido para conhecer meu blog tbm...

    Star Fashion!!!

    Sera ótimo se vc quiser seguir o meu tbm... =] hehe

    Te espero lá!!!!


  4. I stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show a little blog luv!
    def enjoyed this post!! def still need to figure out what my resolutions are!


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