Friday, 30 December 2011

What I did during my M.I.A period prt.2

Part two of what I got up to during my absence from blogville.

Adaeze's 21st Birthday, we had dinner this amazing Chinese restaurant, called Feng Sheng, in Camden. It was beautiful. And we spent the rest of the evening in a VIP room at club Movida. It was an amazing night, she went all in and out. And I was glad to celebrate with her even though I was not feeling very well

My Don Don's Birthday lol.. Donna, she is in blue. I love this crazy chick, we went to the Lounge, WC1H London. We had so much fun. I am a rubbish bowler but I got lucky. The staff were so polite and friendly. Everybody that was there was just lovely and the atmosphere was so relaxed and calming, so you feel good to just have fun and not care. 
We are definitely gonna go there again.

I have done alot of things during my MIA, like going to the Miguel's concert, and going out to eat. But i was not able to document all of them in photographs. I hope yall can forgive me. 
Let me know what you got up to in your posts. I will be visiting.

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. very cool pictures! I like your outfits.

    Thank you for your comment, I wish you a happy 2012 too!! :-)

  2. welcome back honey! looks like you've been having a good time :))


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