Friday, 1 April 2011

TRESemmé On Relaxed-Afro Hair

We all know that TRESemmé is for Caucasian hair, well most Afro heads think so anyway especially with the models in the adverts being Caucasians. So with my subscription to Glamour Magazine I received the TRESemmé Naturals pack, which included their nourishing shampoo, and the nourishing conditioner, the waterless foam shampoo and the salon silk serum.

For someone with Caucasian hair, this would be a dream bargain, I mean, you see adverts everywhere promoting how good it is, “professional affordable” thus getting it free will be great news.

When I first got, I thought I’ll give it away to a friend or something, but then my hairdresser told me that, the shampoo might dry my hair out but products as such have a good conditioner, thus I decided to give it ago,

Dry Shampoo

I only used it once and i washed my hair out because, my hair is thick i was scared that it will not eliminate or the odours and also i was scared that it might masked the sent, making it even worst.


the serum is a bit too light for my thick afro/relaxed hair... i don't feel it does it job, so i use a bit of IC heat protection oil as well as.


The shampoo is alright, it makes the hair very silky whiles washing, but after, it tends to be very dry. Thus i Had to use a lot of grease, to give it a bit of shine..but it does make the hair soft and smooth.


This was actually very good.. it made my hair very full but soft at the same time. I really loved it.

Sadly I gave to my friend, because she is Caucasian and the product is made for her hair. But My hairdresser was right, the conditioner is very good.

p.s. All the product smell so heavenly.

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. TRESemmé is very good i use it in my sons hair the conditioner is fab

  2. great products!
    thanks for sharing :)

    XX I.

  3. I really enjoyed this post :) I'm Asian, but I still know what you mean by ethnic-specific products that try to mask itself as non-specific (those sneaky b*stards). and I also never thought tresemme ever did anything for my hair too~~
    cool blog by the way!!
    xo Diana

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment!!
    Nice blog!!

    xoxo Michaela

  5. treseme is a chicago based company/product made by the same pple who created tcb perm...the guy who founded the company is italian!


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