Friday, 20 January 2012

Open Diary: Food For Thought

For some reason, there is a song to describe almost all of your moods. There are also quotes that does the same. A friend of mine just updated her status on BlackBerry Messenger stating this quote;

"Never give more than you were willing to lose" - Its a quote by Sarah Dessen

I have heard this phrase numerous times, but i just realised now that I had done just that, and the result was one which was undesired. 

Moving on... I googled quotes and through my reading, I fell in-love with this one;

“I never asked you to earn me. I want only that you should need me. Your path is not one of merit. Bring the recurring desires of your mind to me, every time they emerge. They cannot shock me, for I willed them! Bring me your confusion, your fear, your craving, your anxiety, your inability to love the world, your hesitation to serve, your jealousy, all the deficiencies that defy your spiritual disciplines.” 

It is amazing how we crave that which we do not have but pay no mind to what craves us. Its very interesting how life works like that... in circles...
I have decided to pay more attention to that which I have and ignore what could be considered as an envious desire. 

I'm up at this time doing assignments... 
Food for thought

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. Blessings.....
    Just checking in to see how you doing. I trust life is being kind to you and you to yourself. Yes at times one can find a song or a quote that just about sums up how we are feeling.
    stay blessed.

  2. Good thought. You are certainly on the right track to self improvement.

  3. I think in life we will at some point or another crave something we don't have. This is a great post, and your on a great road to self discovery. Thank you for stopping by Carmen Vogue! Would you like to follow each other?


  4. Good thoughts. This is a great past

  5. great wish list, i love those MAC lipsticks

    thanks for visiting my blog, hope you return soon ;-)


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