Saturday, 28 January 2012

Open Diary: 2012 Beauty Wish list

A month into the new year, I made some resolutions, but its the same ME! just a few adjustments...maybe?? *wink* lol
Since its a new year, I am gonna need new things, *right?* Yes so this is my wish list, beauty wise.

I love perfumes and I absolutely adore ones that have a very musky, strong and powerful scents. I love perfumes with velvet undertones because it sits well on my skin. It mixes with my personal scent and his heavenly.
When I tried the sample out, I was sold. Is very sensual and voluptuous.  Its highly concentrated in  oils this allows it to last long on both clothing and the skin. I usually I'm not a floral scent person, I'm more fruity or musky. But this has rich "woody" notes, and a hint of almond. The scent is very captivating, and its essence is grows stronger and more enchanting by the time. I have totally fallen in love with this perfume and I have to have it.

I sampled this in one of my glamour magazine issues. I love it I love it I love it. I will only wear it in summer or spring though. That is the thing with fruity perfumes. I can only wear it when the sun is out. It makes me more bubbly and ready to have fun. 
 The perfume is very feminine, from the way it looks, wrapped in a sleek and gorgeous apple like shaped bottle with a silver lid, to the notes in the perfume, a combination of  "the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods."
This scent is very weightless and extremely refreshing. Its perfect for daytime but i will probably wear it during the night aswell.

I think I am addicted to fragrance with woody notes, because it divulges of musky undertones, which combine with the natural oils in my skin, is amazing. My mum absolutely fell in love when she smelled it.  There is a story behind this perfume, *read here*
Narciso Rodriquez; her eau de parfum is a combination of pink floral, soft amber and voluptuous woods. Realeasing a sensual musky scents which lingers through our the whole day and longer. The perfume is very enchanting and mysterious, however it is still very soft and has convey pastel and silky notes. The sensuality from the notes illustrate  glamor and elegance. 
Its very unique scents which will linger until very long. 

For now, I do not own anything from Illamasqua, but that is about to change. Browsing through their site, I have been inspired, so this year, I'm going to add a few items from their collections to my makeup bag. My favourite is this , bronzing duo, and this burgundy colour nail vanish.

One of my resolution, is to stock up on Make Up Make Up Make Up. 
But the thing is that, though I love Make Up, and I wear it a lot, its not excessive. People can go through 3 tubes of the same lipstick in a year, but I cannot even finish one. And Cosmetics DO EXPIRE, so its like I don't want it to be a waste. But I am gonna.

Well then this is my wish list, beauty wise, let me know yours.
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  1. Cute blog! Ah the DKNY smells juicy and so good!

  2. Great post and I like your choise of šerfumes, and those lipsticks are perfect :)

  3. Great picks. I am currently coveting for the pink MAC lipstick.

  4. Great post, I love the Narciso Rodriquez perfume it smells gorgeous! I don't know if I have a beauty wish list yet for this year, I think I'll be trying to get more stuff for hair care! x

  5. i have the first perfume courtesy of a good friend and its lovely...

  6. I enjoyed this post! It seems that we have the same taste in fragrance.


  7. I totally agree, I feel like I never get through makeup in time. I'm loving those bright lipsticks!

    lace, etc.

  8. I just got some mac eyeshadow for xmas, it is so lovely and pigmented, photographs sooo nice, a wise investment.

  9. I av a thing for perfumes too. I've used "be delicious" & i looooved it. Happy new year and happy new month! Thanx a lot for the info on bb blogging. I'm gona look for how to get the special email in a bit

    And how come u r not following my blog :-(.

  10. That bronzing dup is so pretty!

  11. My favorite is the narsico rod perfume. It smells amazing! New follower!

  12. I love DKNY :) check out my blog


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