Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Open Diary: Tulisa Constosvlos X-Factor Wardrobe

Hello Lovelies.. hope all of you are great and enjoying you Christmas holidays, if you have them. 
I am great, busy! but fine.
I was reading the January issue of Glamour magazine, and the feature about Tulisa Constosvlos really help me appreciate her more. 
I have never really been an N-Dubz  fan, but I didn't hate them neither, unlike some people. I seriously don't see the point bitching up about someone. If you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut, *mama always thought me* 
But certain people are so rude, and forget that these people are actually real people, and just because they have chosen to live their life in the spotlight does not give nobody the right to, speak ill of them.

Before I get angry lol.. I just wanted to say I have been loving her on Xfactor. I did a feature about "Kelly Rowland X-Factor Wardrobe" And I thought it would only be fair and very good for me to one on this gorgeous Brit princess. 

Jumpsuits were really it this year, and she looks so good in both of these. The white one with red pumps gives a Marilyn Monroe flare. Where as the pokka dots, embrace a very fun and trendy wear. She looks stunning, btw I am starting to think that red might be her favourite colour.  *i do not just saying*

Again with the red, she looks absolutely stunning in both these, she looks smart and sophisticated but also very feminine. In her feature she discussed knowing very little about fashion, but I think she can be forgiven because she wears all her outfits and they do not wear her. 
And also people needs to stop comparing her to Cheryl Cole, they both might be brunette on the xfactor, *And I don't mind Cole, loved her less after the whole Gamu controversy* but this girl got killer curves and she is her own person.

I do not really like the dress on the left, but I love the black dress and those court shoes. Very smart but sexy *I really cannot get enough of her*

She has got amazing legs and she loves to show them off. My only problem with Tulisa is... she needs some walking in heels lessons. And its very important right now that she has become this style icon. I cannot stressed this enough because it is very cringing.. when she walks in heels. So If anybody can pass that on. 

Apart from that, she is beautiful, talented, and very outspoken *in a good way* 
I love her more so now that she described me so perfectly in the below quote of herself that I had to make it an image.

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. lovely blog!

  2. love the outfits - some ppl just know how to dress!!
    love your blog - im following now!
    care to check out mine? its about love, life and happiness :)

    - <3

  3. I love Tulisa I liked what she wore at the start but I wasnt that keen on some dresses towards the end of the show

  4. Blessings....
    The dresses I liked the rest not so much

    Stay blessed.

  5. I love Tulisa's style, I thought she was so good on the x factor, she made it proper entertaining, love her :)x

  6. She's sooo cute, haven't heard about her though lol. probably cos i have never watched the british X factor.

  7. Super lovely blog!



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