Monday, 19 September 2011

Kelly Rowland: X-factor 2011 Wardrobe

I have been enjoying the beautiful, hot sun in Ghana, I’ve enjoyed myself, I am not going to stop speaking about it, not anytime soon. I'm going to keep rubbing your noses in, lol... You guys need to bare with me lol. I have been missing X-factor. Never been a huge fan, but I get excited during the final weeks. However, since I came back, I have a new style crush.
Move over Dannie, Cheryl who?
Kelly woow, Ms Rowland has been taking my breath away. Her outfits are daring unique and so open to debate, but I don’t know anyone who will have anything negative to say about her wardrobe on the show.
She has definitely put that huge paycheque, into good use. I love her now.
“motivation” has been my soundtrack this summer. (disclaimer: I have not been nobody’s motivation in case my mother or pastor is reading lol)
Enjoy more of her pictures, and let me know what you guys think of her style. My favourite outfits are the two just below 

Love both shoes, and that smart nude outfit on the left, is just the bomb i love the skirt. I have been wearing similar dresses like the one on the right this summer, its sexy but still cute. 

I love the boyfriend blazer, the t-shirt and signature black skirt, I have Steven Madden boots which are similar to the one she's wearing, gives me an idea for my saturday outfit.

the contrast between the mustard dress and the blue Louboutins, eye grabbing, she really embraced the idea of contrasting colour which was the trend this summer. her one is sophisticated but yet still funky? how do you do that? got to love her

What do you think?
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  1. Kelly's style has definitely evolved since leaving Destiny's Child. She's more sophisticated now. I love the Yellow blazer!

  2. I really love Kelly Rowland and she is becoming more and more fashionable.

    Love the shoes, I am crazy about shoes

    Thanks for passing by my blog

  3. I love all her outfits, but my best is the mustard jacket. It's so chic.

  4. I <3 Kelly rowland.... and her red booties :)

  5. I agree with Arlene... Kelly has definitely stepped outside of the box and stepped into her own stylish self!

    New to your blog but now following... hope you will do the same! *Thanks*


  6. oh my.. she has a tiny waist!

    the first outfit is so cute, and love the bed wedges! hotttttt

    xo zebra and meerkat

  7. love how amazing her style has become, she always looks tops. your blog looks great dear :)

  8. thanks for your sweet comment in my blog! Means a lot to me! I always loved her since Destiny's child!

    Let's follow each other?


  9. I guess its safe to say you love Kelly?
    I don't know about those shoes though, suicide heels.

    Have a great day....

  10. i love kelly's style! she is so fashionable and i just adore the orange dress and blue pumps, i mean.. =O

    she is on point! definitely stepped outta beyonce's shadow
    BreezeyBee Blog

  11. Freakin' Kelly Rowland and her absss!! Ahhh I love her! lol She looks so amazing in all of those pictures.

  12. she's been looking great recently - i love her with long hair!

  13. i love her look, she's very amazing and i love the haistyle...nice blog dear

  14. i lurv her too and she looks great. the black & green dress...i want! i kinda like to think she sorta looks like me *wink

    thanx for dropping by my blog, following urs

  15. Kelly has really been upping her game fashion-wise and especially that mustard dress and blue loubs, I mean, how do you top that, way to go Kelly! Thanks for posting and continue enjoying the weather in Ghana.

    Liz Lizo

  16. she's so stylish! OMG i lvd ur post :)

    now its for tall girls :D:D

  17. Woow Kelly is so looking good, she is so styled up, love her shoes!! specially those red wedges !!


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