Tuesday, 15 March 2011

No Longer mad at Trey

I, with my fast self...
Well i had every reason to be mad at Trey Songz last two weeks (read my post here)
He came on for like less than 25min, super late, I was tired, my feet was hurting because of my sexy shoes and I was missing my bed.

All in all, I did not enjoy the night, i wrote him off as cocky and arrogant. 
But then today.. instead of doing my work, i decided to visit is twitter and I have to swallow back my words lol...(I still did not enjoy the night)

But I am no longer mad at Trey, because he apologised on his twitter

Awww... and he is sooo super cute.. lol even if he never apologised I still could not be mad at him for long... but 15days is quite long lol  (this is so sad I need a life)


  1. If ever I get a chance to perform either at the Forum or the Weston Auditorium, here's hoping the same doesn't happen to me... T_T x

  2. I wasn't there bt I don't forgive him, he has a team of people to manage his itinerary.

  3. Yeah tough call.. I do everything in my will to ensure that I'm not late! I hate doing that to people. you have a great blog! x

  4. lolzzzzz
    at least he considered an apology

  5. Trey songz <3

  6. love your black boots!

    Camilla x

  7. Stunning...! MS Nana xxx


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