Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hypnotised by the fashion devil at New Look....

YES! I did rant about disliking ‘Primani’ and now New Look in a previous post [read here]. But I think I need to swallow a bit hard, and tell you that I found these cute shorts in New Look plus an oversized knitted top and  I was hypnotized to buy them, I think when I entered the shop I was drugged. Because I resisted buying them, I really did.

It happened like this, I went in there to pay the bill I told you about, and they were hanging on the wall in a corner by the entrance you couldn’t miss them. High wasted vintage shorts, popper hard denim; you don’t get jeans like that for £19.99 anymore. I cursed the little devil on my shoulder telling me to have a closer look and went straight to the till to pay.

The following night, I could not sleep, I had to get them. So the next evening, after university, I marched straight there, behold I found a matching jumper. I pushed the angel aside and I bought them and I love them!...

By the way, I purchased these on the 5th of March so I have not broken my Lent


  1. The jumper has me crying right now....i want it in my closet!!

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  2. if u pick properly from newlook i think u'll b fine, as for primani thats a no go area,
    quality = fail,
    u got d whole world wearing it,
    and some items aint even that cheap SMH
    the shorts are awesome, i got a similar one from tk max

  3. I love that top so much, amazing look.

  4. Thanks for your advice! ;-) Really good!

    x Kelly

  5. Wow, your really strong to resist such! its really cool outfit!

    Fashion Rehab

  6. get me
    get me
    get me
    i can almost here the outfit say it !
    get me
    want me
    want me
    ooh outfit,
    iiii want you <33333

    XX I.

  7. I like the jumper!


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