Monday, 7 March 2011

Great British Hairdresser

For those of you that aren't familiar with this show its a search for the next big session stylist in Great Britain. Session stylists are the creative masterminds that produce iconic hairstyles for the stars and covers of magazines. Behind all great starts they're great hairdressers, I one day will become one but I have so much to learn before that day comes so I immerse myself into anything about hair.
Celebrity stylist James Brown who has a client list to be envious of with the likes of Supermodel Kate Moss as a close friend and Demi Moore, Lily Allen, Angelina Jolie as clients he's more than qualified to decide who the next big thing in session styling will be. Week by week the stylist are given gruelling challenges against the clock to fight for their place. The editor of Glamour magazine Jo Elvin also judges the hopefuls often clashing opinions with James but as the winner will premier their work on the cover on Glamour magazine her opinion definitely holds power,WAG and model Abbey Clancy hosts the show engaging with the contestants to obtain their thoughts on their performances and James critiquing their work.
I haven't yet selected my favourite of the 10 as there are many attributes that make a great hairdresser; technical ability, creativity, bubbly personality and a eye for fashion are a bare minimum. As the weeks go by hopefully with the direction of James Brown the hair stylists will progress and blossom into the great session stylist they have the potential to be and produce hair worthy of a magazine cover that will make James proud.

This show will make a dream a reality for one person, boosting their profile, confidence and salary. Finally there is a show on t.v I can relate to that inspires me.


  1. wow! i haven't heard of this show, but it sounds good, and british tv is always amazing! thanks :)

  2. Hey lady! just wanted to thank you for the comment on the blogger post today. I appreciate the support. It means alot, and thank you so much.


  3. @Leigh the show is available online


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