Monday, 7 March 2011


One of my resolution for this year was to wear more dresses. I remember a time when I used to think it was a punishment whenever I was 'forced' to wear a dress. I used to always wear jeans and trousers, I only wore a dress or a skirt to please my mother.

Do not get me wrong, I was never a typical tom-boy, I loved clothes too much for that, but I would prefer to tuck in my jeans in my boots, Alicia Keys style.

I used to really love her, it is embarrassing to recall this, me and my friend performed 'gangsta love' Eve ft Alicia Keys at a school talent show, I so badly dread the thought.

Without swaying of the subject of this post, let me just say this... I love dresses, I really I'm starting to love these dresses. Wearing dresses make me feel so lady like, smart and absolutely fabulous. You can be feeling like the biggest tramp inside, but if you have on a really nice dress and cute shoes, nobody will see the person you are feeling inside. 
My latest finds are on this amazing website they have affordably cute dresses that are good for day to day, dinners and going out. I got my trey day dress from there.

check out my wish list

where do you like to shop?


  1. I love dresses too, makes me feel super girly and flirty! You have a fab blog girl :)

  2. :) thank you .. i love yours too and i'm gonna follow it

  3. the blue n pink dress is nice,
    thx 4 d website link

  4. no need for thanks sugar u r welcome


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