Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 17

This weeks GG entitled 'Empire of The Son', It seems Blair has found some inner peace, which comes across weird to Dorota, She embarks on a suspicious quest to find out what Blair is hiding. Dan on the other hand, wants someone to speak to about his relationship or whatever it is with Blair, but is that such a good idea?

Ben's mother is in town, and after Serena and him got close, is it a coincidence that he is avoiding her calls? Lilly might be heading for jail, but who is to blame, herself, Serena, Ben, Damien, Russell Thorpe or maybe Ben's mother?? Who knows

Raina discover what she considers the monster behind her father, but could his reasons be justified. 
Chuck will be closing a deal to uphold his fathers legacy but maybe his party before the victory might be oh too soon.  Nate and Raina, Dan and Blair.... Serena and Ben?? who knows??

enjoy its Gossip Girl

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