Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Trey Songz 28th Feb 2011

Trey Songz's, last night was a crazy. I got to wear my blue dress from 'get the label' dot com and my lace up wedges ankle books from Simmies shoes.  I was very excited about last night even though this was the second time I saw him, the first one was courtesy to Zateesha's mother. I had excitement bursting out of me like bubbles which I think was mainly to do with the fact that I had not been out in months. Just recently I completed a 'killer' assignment. I would have gone out any way, but Trey Songz was the bonus!

 I would love to say that we were misled last night, but that might not be such an appropriate way to describe it, so I will say, they build up our expectation and delivered us a small portion of that, now most people say last night was awful. But those were the people who decided to stay in the crowd in front  of the stage. I understand how your adrenaline pumps up when you are so close, close enough you feel you could touch him... And for some reason you feel that touch will answer all your question. For ever since you've know about him, you've planned your your lives together. I understand this so well because not long ago I too was infatuated by these people (Omarion to be precise lmao), and I too would push, shove, yank to get my way to front. Well I only ever do that for Omarion, but I don't think I will do that again, the image of being a lady is too important to me.

Long story short, I decided to stay away from that sweaty dirty crowd, and I am glad I did, I found a great spot on the stairs with a good view of everything that went on. From that view, when you are looking down on everyone, you see how stupid it is, reaching out for somebody who's out of your league' not that he's too good for you, but the chances of you and him is 99.99% unlikely. I have established to myself after the last time I saw Omarion,that I am no longer a fan, but a supporter, some who will appreciate good music, good art good fashion, good film/acting, and choose to support that, but not idolize these celebrities anymore.

My opinion of him, Trey Songz is that he came on a bit arrogant, the first time I saw him in the 02 with J Holiday, I enjoyed J Holiday's show so much better, he can siiiiinnnng!!! When Trey came on he seemed too full of himself.. I like I am sexy, worship me sorta way... But those days I was whooped lol.
Now seeing him again last night with a whole different perspective, I was able to see things a bit more unbiased. Last night he came across as arrogant again. He was meant to be on around 1:00am, my guy did not arrived there till 2:40 am. When he came on the stage for about 5minutes he was just walking across the stage like it was his cat walk, now mind you, we might have paid to see him but by that time most people were angry! And not bothered anymore.

In my opinion his whole presence was overwhelming and not in a positive way. he was too full of himself, requested so many drinks so he can pour on people. Peoples weaves loool... I had no weave in my hair but that hair cost me and I would not have been very please. I do not think last night was worth a dime but to be honest he is super sexy! :D
Not many people have positive comments regarding the night, but I guess you can't always enjoy everything.

 P.s my camera went funny on me :D


  1. ii thought i was the only one that did not like him. he looks wierd

  2. The Legs MissNana...THE LEGS!!, Amen.
    Anyway eeeww that looked so gross, all his groupies were busy killing themselves at the front lol. Love the wedges b!!

  3. loOol.... Yeke and yup, it was very crowded and he was throwing champagne on peoples weaves. i'm proud to say i was not part of that crowed

  4. Nafenkray Sesay2 March 2011 at 15:55

    ur wedges r like YUMMMY! u definately worked the shoes. xx

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Is this the hatfield one? If it is then am glad i opted out at the last minuite
    Anyway i like ur blog, check mine out and follow me if u like it

  7. yup it was the hatfield one.
    you were smart to have not come

  8. I was once a Trey fan but the fame has gone to his head and hes making lame music. i need i knew r&b hottie to like

  9. thx for your visit in my blog...
    love the color of the dress

  10. This bright blue looks amazing on you!

  11. Is this uni of herts forum?!

    Love the shoes btw :)

  12. OMG! I had a similar experience when he came to Kansas City. I was mad for a couple of weeks!


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