Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Wish List

Usually I am an impulse shopper...
But, I decided to be like Becca, over @ Fashion Train, and make a wish  list. And I am having so much fun.
The best thing about this wish list is that, I can actually think about whether I need the item I am about to purchase. If I’m going to wear it and whether of not I  have anything similar. 
I have realized that most of the items I thought I wanted, I don’t need and I have so many similar on worn item. Also I have discovered that though they are the trend this season, the chance are I am not going to have a need for them till the following season. By then, there would be new list of items I would want, thus making what I bought (if I was to purchase it a waste of money.)


I know there are some ridiculous price on here....But like my diamonds, I always dream big!
I think i will make more wish lists . :)

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