Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Gossip Girl Episode 15

"But whatever your Valentines day brings, remember some years, its a massacre.. xoxo"
This weeks Gossip Girl is a classic, beautiful ball gowns, handsome men in tuxedo,and all things beautiful which makes all of us envious of their lifestyle. Is full of anxiety and excitement as Charles breaks boundaries to save his fathers legacy. Serena once again  is exposed to Blair's uncontrolled quest for revenge, which can potential cost her, her relationship with Ben.
Blair discovers that what she has all along thought was a game between Charles and Raina Thorpe, infact is something real, or was???. A potential flower might bloom between "lonely boy" aka Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf, this should be interesting watch. 
See for yourselves ... xoxo its.... Gossip Girl

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