Monday, 7 February 2011

Beautiful, Dark and Twisted

I've always envied ballerinas, their lean contoured, gravity defying physiques combined with the ability to capture an audience with passion enriched movement. So when I saw the trailer for the movie The Black Swan my imagination was ignited by Darren Aronofsky dark twist on the classic Swan Lake.

Natalie Portman portrayed the character of Nina, a ballet dancer who must master the role as the innocent white swan and the seductive black swan. Nina's technical ability was outstanding but lacks the passionate to convincingly take to the stage as the Black Swan but is pushed by Thomas (Vincent Cassel) her director to lose herself in the role. Nina behavior was rather odd at times, she seemed psychotic and frigid but after the introduction of her mother it became apparent that Nina's mother begrudged her for her own short lived ballet career.

I'm not a ballet expert but i can appreciate art and music accompanied the film beautifully, it created intensity with every crescendo i felt a part of the illusion. I related to Nina's character as i often find myself confined by my frigid nature, i think that many people should feel free and lose themselves in the moment and enjoy life. Although Nina's end was tragic her last moments were triumphant, she was finally free in her element.

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