Wednesday, 26 January 2011


So....Like me you are an addict.
Every week you each for you next dose...
when you get are so excited through the 40minutes of pure high and ecstasy.
When you realise you have to wait a whole week for the next episode, you just want to shoot some on.

Got you there huh! you thought i was talking about something bad
tush tush tush ... dirty minds
If like myself you hunt down the whole web to get links for Gossip Girl, then you are in luck
I've decided to post a link here every week.. *do i hear a yay*

SOooo...Serena, Chuck and Blair fans...
First episode of the new yeah and in over a month
Season 4 Episode 12
aired on Monday 24th January 2011
its....... GOSSIP GIRL 

if you are a new fan and have missed previous seasons, you can buy them here;


  1. I'm always looking for links so if u can, that will be great.

  2. LOL you're funny, I love Gossip Girl too.


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